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Philip Chase Watkins was born in 1991.

A young craftsmen, (blacksmithing, pipe making, wood working, and leather crafting), I have recently developed a passion for pipe crafting and smoking. My first working pipe was from a piece of walnut, it has a great draw and the walnut adds a flavor of its own. I am starting to work briar, and hope to use some antler or bone on some of my pipes in the future. I also build pipe racks, I have many original designs, not all built yet, but most are poplar in a mahogany finish. All my crafts are hand made, because I haven't the money to afford fancy machinery, and I think this adds a very personal touch to every thing. I hope to start selling locally at art fairs or things of the like.

Best wishes and happy smoking,
Philip Watkins

Philip Chase Watkins

Phone: 858-771-9074