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Windjammer Pipes by Justin Bain

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Windjammer Pipes began as a hobby and evolved into a passion. What started as a desire to create a handcrafted one of a kind pipe at a reasonable price
for myself, turned into the desire to provide the same for others. I don’t believe that I possess any talent greater than my passion to create something beautiful
that can be appreciated for years to come. I have a love for the classics… simple, beautiful and traditional, and I try to represent that in most of my work.

All of my pipes are hand cut and hand shaped without the use of a lathe. They are hand drilled fitted with vulcanite or Lucite stems and finished with natural
stains and pure carnauba wax. I believe that a pipe should be a natural fluid piece of art, so there are never any fills and rustication is used when it will enhance
the beauty of the pipe.

I hope that you enjoy the site, and maybe even find something that you like. I would love to create a pipe that will become a favorite and hopefully a treasure.

Justin Bain
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Website: Windjammer Pipes by Justin Bain

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