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Rafal Wozniak
Courtesy Pipedia underwriter, lepipe.it

My name is Rafal Wozniak and I am a pipemaker since 2014. The materials I use are mainly briar and ebonite, although

sometimes there are other materials like bog oak or acrylic mouthpieces. Every single pipe is made individually. Usually I follow my own ideas, but sometimes I make attempts to interpret ideas of other pipemakers. This profession gives me pleasure and satisfies the irresistible need for creating. Each pipe is made by hand with the usage of basic tools. Every particular pipe is signed with the „R.Woźniak” logo. I hope my pipes will bring joy to Your senses the same as they bring joy to me when I sculpt them. Sweet smoke to everyone.

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Contact Information:

Rafał Woźniak
Website: http://www.wozniakpipes.com