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By Lasse Skovgaard

Lasse Skovgaard.jpg

My name is Lasse Skovgaard Jorgensen, I am 22 years old (2006). I live in Denmark on the southern part of Zealand, where I enjoy my life as a Danish pipe maker.

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been interested in what my father (Benni Jorgensen) was doing in his workshop. At the age of sixteen I started to make buffalo horn tampers for W.O.Larsen, and I also tried to make a couple of “pipes”, (my father did not think they looked like pipes) but they were not good enough.

After making like a hundred pipes, they started to look better and better and of course with just a little help from my father. I realized that it definitely was not easy to even make a pipe functional, and it also has to look beautiful and elegant. With lots and lots of practice it got easier, and when I was about eighteen I started to make “two tone” and “select” pipes for W.O.Larsen.

Along with my education in high school, I was practicing making pipes in my father’s workshop. I was nineteen years old when I started to make the W.O.Larsen straight grains.

Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel

Teddy Knudsen is a friend of my father; I spoke to him about the big pipe show in Chicago. Teddy told me to try and come to the show in Chicago and bring pipes stamped with my own name. I went to the 2004 Chicagoland pipe show with a batch of 12 smooth pipes.

I could not have wished for a better welcome; everyone treated me very friendly and it was a lot of fun to meet many of the other pipe makers in the world. I sold out all 12 pipes at the show.

The next year in Chicago 2005 I brought 75 pipes and a lot of them were sandblasted pipes. My sandblasted pipes seemed to be extremely popular and I sold out all my pipes again.

After attending the show in Chicago I am now selling my pipes in many countries around the world.