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Castelsardo pipes are carved by Tommaso Spanu, an independent pipemaker from Sardinia working since 1979 with his brother and two sons as employees of Novarte S.N.C. di Spanu Tommaso. The pipes are named for the town of Castelsardo in Sardinia located on the northwest of that island. Spanu works with only hand tools, and not even a drill can be found in his workshop. A former student of Alberto Paronelli and a former subcontractor of Paronelli, Spanu works not only in Sardinian briar but also in Lemonwood, Olivewood, Boxwood, Juniper, Oak, and Cork Oak. Spanu has worked with other famed pipe makers including Peppino Ascorti and Luigi Radice. Castelsardo pipes bear an Anchor logo on the stem and the Castelsardo name on the pipe shank. For more information see Spanu.