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Deden Hendan Durahman

Deden Hendan Durahman is the maker of Caxra Pipes. He lives and works in Bandung, the capital of West Java province, Indonesia. His favorite pipes come from companies such as Stanwell, Comoy, and Peterson, but also pipe makers such as Skovgaard, Tsuge and Eltang. Deden is also eclectic also in its choice of tobaccos, smoking virginia, English from Mac Baren or McClelland, but also aromatics from Lane.

Durahman began by restoring pipes starting in 2014, he then studied shapes, drilling, assembly, and finally launched himself as a pipe maker in 2016. In doing so he discovered the pleasure of making small sculptures, influenced by Lasse Skovgaard, Ivarsson, Tsuge and Eltang. He mingles these influences with his artistic activities as an artist, designer, and photographer.

Caxra pipes are mostly made with aged Italian briar, which is cured for another six months or a year. Some pipes are also made with Indonesian woods, such as amboyna and mangifera. The stems are mostly made with Cumberland and acrylic, but some are also made with ebonite. Spigots and accents are made with silver, duralumin, copper, or brass.

Deden's production is small, making a maximum of four to six pipes per month, in all finishes, his favorite being rusticated. He begins by making many sketches, then chooses one and details it. He then chooses his wood. He pays particular attention to his pipes with his spigots, and his mouthpieces, using what he terms his "nipple lips system".

Its pipes are classified Signature, Holiday Pipes, Poy, Anniversary (all in Grade 1), and the rest in Grade 2. The Edition series is intended to be produced in several copies.

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