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There were several related companies in Germany, the United States, and the Dominican Republic that went by the name Charles Fairmorn.

Charles Fairmorn Handels GmbH / Charles Fairmorn International GmbH

The German company Charles Fairmorn was a Hanseatic consortium whose roots are said to go back to an old Lübeck tobacco import company. His business field was the import and distribution of tobacco, cigars and pipes. A few years ago the Danish pipe maker Åge Bogelund, in whose hands many of the pipes sold under the name Bari were made, made a small number of freehand pipes for Charles Fairmorn, mainly in straight and flame grain and Light Finish.[1]

This company was first founded in Hamburg in 1978 and moved to Dingelstädt / Thuringia in 1996. In 2005 a sales cooperation for the German market was established with Woermann Cigars GmbH, Rödinghausen. Another move to Lübeck in 2006 was accompanied by a name change to Charles Fairmorn International GmbH. A cooperation partner for the Bari pipe brand was also found in the company AKRA, Langenzenn.[2]

On January 13th, 2015 the previous managing director Pit Nikolaus Brockhausen was replaced by Helga von Eicken and the company was finally merged with Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH, Lübeck on August 16th, 2016.[3]

Charles Fairmorn in the US

The company in the US was founded in 1972 but closed in the mid-80s. At that time, the consumption of premium cigars in the US fell to approx. 80 million and the pipe business was also falling sharply.[2]

Charles Fairmorn S.A.

In 2000, the establishment of Charles Fairmorn S.A., Santiago in the Dominican Republic, began and production finally started in 2001.[2] Probably only cigars were made here.

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Charles Fairmorn Handels GmbH
Charles Fairmorn International GmbH
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