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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

EWA is a French brand of Pipe EWA-Ets. Waille SARL. Launched in the 1970s by Michel Waille, the brand began in the Waille factory founded in 1860 by Horace Waille., and has been passed down from generation to generation ever since. He was succeeded by his son, René (1902-1932), his grandson Adré -- who obtained the rank of 'CAP de Pipier' in 1926 and was in the company from 1920 to 1974 -- and his greatgrandson, Michel Waille.

EWA "Ocean" Smooth Freehand, courtesy, SmokingPipes.com

Michel, 'Meilleur Ourrier de France' but retired today, is currently President of the Pipe Club de Saint-Claude. He joined his father in 1968 and was at the head of the firm until 2002, when the brand was sold, first to Mr. Gigandet, and later to Denis Blanc, of Ad Hoc Pipe.

The company specialises in the production of horn, acrylic and cumberland stems, and today is the only maker in Saint-Claude producing horn and Lucite stems. It also makes the Terminus system pipes, employs half a dowen people and export 25% of its production.

From site Ad Hoc Pipe

EWA Pipe: a company of master pipe maker from father to son, since 1860

EWA Arkara Sitter, courtesy, SmokingPipes.com

The actual company take benefit of the passion for pipe of all its General Managers.

Horace Waille, the great-grandfather was a pioneer in the history of Pipe story of Saint Claude and created in 1860 a pipe workshop.

Rene Waille, his son, has continued the activity from 1902 to 1932 and was specialized in the initial shaping.

Andre Waille, son of Rene, obtained a "CAP de pipier" (Pipe maker degree) in 1926 and has pursued the activity of the familial company from 1932 to 1974. He is the only pipe maker, who obtained a Pipe maker degree. In 1968 Michel, son of Rene, actual Manager of EWA pipe joint the familial company and transform in 1974 the company in SARL PIPE EWA.