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Francois Dal Pipes is based in Wépion, a town near Namur in Belgium.

It was by restoring old pipes that Francois took his first steps into the World of pipes. Bringing these forgotten objects back to life opened his eyes to the diversity and richness of pipemaking. A few visits to Saint-Claude, the former capital of the pipe in France, enabled him to meet Pierre Morel, master pipemaker emeritus whom he was able to observe over the course of several mornings. This nourished his passion to become a pipemaker. He then devoted himself to building a workshop and learning the trade.

  • The 'Handmade' pipes are entirely made from raw materials, flamed briar, ebonite, acrylic or Cumberland stems.
  • Hand-finished 'Tradition' pipes are from machine-turned blanks (dried for at least 20 years)
  • Francois Dal Pipes also offer Estate' pipes of various brands, already smoked, restored, professionally reconditioned and ready to smoke.

Pipes are shipped all over the world.

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