GBD Meerschaum 2640

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The following GBD Meerschaum Cutty has the number 2640 on the case, along with illegible words underneath. Inside it is stamped G.B.D Fts A Paris. The pipe is 7 5/8" Long, 2 7/8" Tall, 13/16" Chamber Width, 1 5/8" Chamber Depth and weighs 41g. The gentleman who has it believes it to be from the 1800's, somewhere between 1850 and 1890.

We have added the shape as 2640 to the GBD shapes list, but it is unclear if this was intended to be a shape number, or some other identification. If you have any additional information pertaining to this pipe, please add it here, or send it to and we can add it for you.