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The following article is the work of Jerry Hanna and comes from his website, Many thanks to Jerry for all the work, and for permission to adapt it for Pipeia

Pipe Cabinet made by Jerry Hanna (lid closed)
Pipe Cabinet made by Jerry Hanna (lid opent)


Greetings to all GBD fans,

Finally finished an update to the GBD Shapes page, the number of shape numbers listed is now about doubled!

Remember that the descriptions are somewhat arbitrary on my part, your idea of what an 1/8 bent stem looks like may not be the same as mine!

I've had access to a couple of older catalogs recently and it is ocassionally difficult to describe some of the shapes that were made 80 years ago in modern(?) pipe terminology. For example, many of these older shapes seemed to have bowls that were angled slightly forward relative to the stem; some were only canted forward a few degrees while others had enough of a forward tilt that I felt that a reverse bend notation was required in the description.

One change I've made to the Shapes page is that I have deleted the example photos column. According to my server access records there just weren't enough people viewing the files to warrant the amount of server space they were taking up. What I may do in the future is move some of those example photos to the lines page, there I can select one example per finish instead of having multiple examples sorted by shape number.

This list is guaranteed inaccurate and incomplete !

I have tried to determine if there was some system behind the GBD numbering scheme and so far I can't find one. They are not entirely random but they don't seem to follow a pattern either. Maybe I don't have enough information yet to figure it out. One thing I feel confident about is that GBD used the same numbering system across all of their pipe lines, I have 3 or 4 GBD seconds that have the same model numbers as identically shaped firsts.

Note: A lot of this info is second-hand and as I have received conflicting descriptions for the same number so I do not guarantee that all of these are correct. Please feel free to correct me if you are positive that I have blundered! :-)
Like most people, I am liable to interpret shapes and angles differently than others might interpret them; again, correct me if I am totally off the mark!

This list is only a small percentage of all the model numbers. If you have any additional numbers or can fill in the "unknowns" please send me the information. If you do send information please try to limit it to the four key identifying items used in the list below. Bit information is not too relevant as GBD bits were not necessarily the same between lines and years for the same shape number. For example I have four 269 Bulldogs and between them there are three different shaped bits.

The shapes marked with a ? have conflicting descriptions, shapes with an * are non standard bowl shapes, and stem angles with a "rev" conotation refer to pipes with bowls that are canted forward.

Shapes and Numbers

GBD Billiards Pipe Chart, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Billiard Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Billiard Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Apple and Prince Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Bulldog Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Pot and Dublin Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Panel and Bent Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
French Speciale and Sablee Shapes from 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Cover of 1961 GBD Flyer, courtesy Chris Keene's Pipe Pages
Shape # Bowl/style Stem Angle Stem Shape Images
1 Canadian straight unknown
2 billiard straight round
3 tall bulldog straight diamond
13 oompaul full round
51 bulldog straight diamond
59 pot unknown unknown
73 bulldog straight diamond
81 apple one/half round
89 pot straight unknown
105 poker one/half round
106 billiard one/fourth bent saddle
106 pot straight round
110 pot straight unknown
112 Liverpool straight short round taper
115 Prince of Wales one/eighth saddle
120 billiard straight round
122 billiard straight round
123 billiard straight round
124 billiard straight round
126 bulldog straight round
127 bulldog/prince* straight diamond
128 bulldog straight diamond
130 bulldog one-eighth round
133 billiard straight round
135 billiard straight round
138 clay* straight round
139 prince one/fourth round
141 clay* straight round
142 bulldog straight round
173 billiard straight round
194 billiard straight round
206 bulldog straight diamond
233 bulldog straight diamond
251 billiard straight unknown
252 bulldog one-fourth diamond
253 bulldog one-fourth diamond
254 Canadian straight oval
255 Canadian straight oval
256 Canadian straight oval
259 bulldog straight diamond
262 Liverpool straight oval
263 Canadian straight round
268 bulldog straight diamond / Carved Top Rim
269 bulldog straight diamond
277 billiard straight round
278 Dublin straight oval[1] [1] [2] [3]
287 Dublin/billiard* straight round
290 billiard straight round
292 Dublin straight round
293 Dublin straight round
298 billiard straight round
310 apple straight round
311 apple straight round
312 apple straight round
315 apple straight round
316 prince straight round
326 Dublin straight round
335 apple straight round
336 apple straight round
347 apple straight round
354 Dublin unknown unknown
357 prince one-eighth round
362 prince unknown unknown
363 panel straight square
367 apple straight unknown
368 billiard straight round
377 Lovat straight round
378 Lovat? straight round
391 billiard straight round saddle [4] [5]
392 billiard straight round
432 Dublin rev_one/fourth round
465 Canadian straight oval
470 prince straight round
471 prince straight round
501 dublin one/eighth oval saddle [6] [7]
507 billiard one/half round
508 billiard one/half round
510 billiard one/half round
522 apple straight round
529 apple one/half round
543 billiard one/half round
545 oompaul full round
549 bulldog one/fourth diamond
561 author straight oval
584 bulldog one/fourth diamond
601 poker straight unknown
602 Liverpool straight round
652 apple three/fourth round
666 apple/Dublin* one/half round
667 pear one/half unknown
676 panel straight round
682 apple straight round
682 oval/vest pot (France) straight round saddle [8] [9] [10]
686 rhodesian one/fourth round
687 rhodesian/poker* one/fourth round
701 billiard straight round
719 billiard one/eighth unknown
720 panel(3)* straight round
728 rhodesian/poker* straight round
753 author one-eighth round
760 Dublin straight oval
788 apple one/fourth round
789 pot straight round
800 bulldog straight diamond
837 bulldog straight diamond
853 bulldog straight diamond
854 bulldog straight diamond
857 apple straight round
858 apple straight round
860 prince straight round
861 bulldog straight round
862 prince straight round
863 billiard straight round
864 Dublin straight round
865 Liverpool straight round
866 Dublin straight round
867 billiard one/half round
886 Liverpool straight round
868 billiard straight round
872 prince straight oval?
873 Dublin straight round
885 billiard straight round
886 Liverpool straight round
887 billiard straight round
888 billiard straight round
895 billiard one/half round
897 bulldog straight diamond
900 bulldog straight diamond
970T Canadian straight taper
1054 billiard straight round
1074 apple straight round
1121 Canadian straight oval
1201 billiard straight round
1331 billiard straight unknown
1344 poker straight round
1345 poker straight round
1350 Dublin/apple* rev_one/eighth round
1351 stack_Dublin* rev_one/eighth round
1352 apple one/half round
1353 Dublin/apple* rev_one/fourth round
1354 Dublin/bulldog* rev_one/fourth round
1451 Canadian straight oval
1452 bulldog straight diamond
1482 urn one/half round
1534 pot one-eighth round
1591 Dublin straight square, saddle [11] [12]
1607 Billiard one/eighth round , saddle
1625 volcano one/eighth oval, saddle
1626 Yachtsmen? one/eighth round
1637 poker one/eighth unknown
1648 Canadian straight oval
1706 billiard straight oval
1960 freeform one/fourth round
1964 pot one/half round
1970 diplomat? one-eight round shank saddle bit [13]
1971 chubby apple? one-eight oval shank saddle bit [14]
2006 bulldog straight diamond
2007 bulldog straight diamond
2008 bulldog straight diamond
2070 brandy/volcano one/eighth oval saddle [15] [16] [17]
2117 doublebowl full unknown
2515 large billiard straight round
2541 Canadian straight oval
2615 billiard straight unknown
2640? cutty straight round see GBD Meerschaum 2640
2871 Dublin rev_one/eighth round
3201 small apple straight round
3653 prince/author* one-eighth round
3781 Lovat straight round saddle [18]
4072 billiard unknown unknown
4121 billiard straight round
5071 billiard one/half round
7002 Dublin one/fourth round
7012 apple straight round
7019 billiard one/half round
7891 pot straight round
8641 billiard/Dublin? straight round
9131 billiard straight unknown
9166 Liverpool straight round
9240 squat bulldog straight diamond
9260 Woodstock 1/8 bent oval
9282 bulldog straight diamond
9435 billiard straight round
9436 billiard straight round
9437 pot straight round
9438 rhodesian one/half round
9442 pot straight round
9443 pot straight round
9447 billiard straight round
9448 apple straight saddle
9454 apple? straight round
9456 apple three/fourth round
9457 Lovat straight round
9463 billiard straight unknown
9464 Lovat straight unknown
9465 Liverpool straight round
9483 pot straight round
9486 panel straight square
9487 apple straight square
9488 pot straight square
9489 billiard straight square
9490 billiard three/fourth square
9491 billiard straight square
9493 pot straight round
9507 billiard unknown unknown
9518 volcano brandy straight round saddle
9519 Canadian straight saddle [19]
9534 apple/cav* three/fourth round
9552 Calabash full saddle
9553 Dublin/poker? straight round
9557 poker straight round
9564 Dublin unknown unknown
9566 bulldog straight round saddle
9567 pot straight round
9573 poker bent diamond , full saddle [20] [21]
9578 cognac straight round
9596 hex tall billiard straight diamond
9609 pot three/fourth round
9611 Dublin w/heal? straight round shank saddle bit [22] [23]
9618 apple/oompaul* full round
9619 barrel straight round shank
9621 cognac straight round shank saddle bit
9624 Dublin one/half round
9629 oval straight unknown
9630 caldron bent round saddle [24] [25]
9634 billiard straight square
9639 urn? straight round
9640 canadian straight square
9641 urn? straight unknown
9642 freeform straight unknown
9645 freeform Dublin straight unknown [File:Fantasy01.jpg], [26]
9647 dublin straight round saddle [27] [28]
9649 poker one/forth round
9653 author 1/8 bent oval
9655 Canadian straight square
9656 pot straight unknown
9658 Lovat straight round
9660 brandy one/fourth round
9664 Dublin one-eighth oval
9665 poker-sitter w/broad curved shank one/eighth saddle bit [29] [30] [31]
9668 Dublin straight unknown
9673 Canadian straight unknown
9675 billiard? unknown unknown
9677 pot one/eighth round
9682 pot one/fourth round
9689 Dublin straight unknown
9691 egg full round shank saddle bit [32] [33]
9697 urn one/fourth oval
9699 Canadian straight square
9889 Dublin straight round
9911 cutty straight round


  1. previously listed as round