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Heather Coleman

Heather Coleman is a well known English artisan who produces clay pipes, after having collecting them extensively. She also makes replicas of English and Dutch clay pipes from the 16th century and later.[1]

Here you will find an ever-changing selection of the clay pipes that I have designed and made, many of them based on originals. Over the years I have produced for Smokers, Collectors, Re-enactors, Movies, TV and Theatre. Each pipe I make is carefully formed and hand finished giving you a finely crafted product. My aim has always been to provide pipes that will be admired and enjoyed - even destined to become sought-after antiques of the future! Some are inspired by old pieces in my collection and I often try to emulate the elegance and quirks that those display .. I have been making clay pipes since 1998 and my present kiln stands about waist height tall. It is a top-loader fired by an advanced computer system which we developed in-house to have very precise control over temperature. I am not sure what pipe makers of Centuries past would have made of this - I expect they would have preferred their wood and coal-fired kilns![2]


Other works

Contact Information

Website: http://www.dawnmist.org/
E-Mail:  mailto:heather@dawnmist.org


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