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Compilation courtesy, Doug Valitchka

John Aylesbury is an association of specialist dealers for tobacco related products founded in 1974 in Mülheim / Ruhr by Paul Bresser (Herne), Elfriede Bruck (Wuppertal), Georg Huber (Munich), Peter Linzbach (Düsseldorf), Alois Koster and Karl Bühl (Cologne), Walter Offermanns ( Aachen) and Udo Schilde (Essen). In the meantime, this group has grown to 50 dealers who operate exclusively family-run businesses. [1] In addition to John Aylesbury products, each shop has expanded its range individually. [2] John Aylesbury is a fictional name.

John Aylesbury markets some important pipe brands like Peterson, Big Ben, Brebbia, Bartoli or Bentley. The John Aylesbury private label pipes in a wide range of qualities are ordered from noteable pipe manufacturers all across Europe. Especially worth mentioning are the carefully chosen POYs - 2008's model e.g. is made by Bentley with a silver ferule by Les Wood of Ferndown.


Contact Information

John Aylesbury - Werbegesellschaft für Tabakwaren und Raucherbedarf GmbH
Balanstraße 348
81549 München

Fon: +49 (0)89 - 689 37 75
Fax: +49 (0)89 - 689 28 34