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Holmer Knudsen was born in Husum and educated as a process engineer. As a hobbyist pipemaker he came to DAN PIPE in Lauenburg, where he decided to make pipes full-time after a while. During the first years his pipes were available via the DAN PIPE cataloge exclusively. After successful demonstrations at many pipe shops his pipes are also offered by selected traders.

Knudsen for a while primarily made machined pipes according to pre-defined shapes. These pipes are very favorable for their very good price-performance ratio. His freehands, few indeed, haven't found their own and unmistakeable style yet, but deserve attention all the same.

Stamping: "Holmer Knudsen" in an oval on the shank.

DAN PIPE secured the rights of the famed but discontinued Danish brand Kriswill in the 1980's and used the name for a series of pipe tobaccos. The cataloge of 2006 displayed some models as "Kriswill" again. These pipes were made by Knudsen for a few years, and show his characteristic "handwriting".

Since "Former" Nielsen signed out in 2005/2006, Knudsen also makes the Bentley - Former's design pipes. Already earlier DAN PIPE had released a Knudsen made series of seven shapes very similar to the original Bentleys as "Bentley Pipemaster".

Since at least 2012, Holmer has been showing his freehand pipes at trade shows and has managed to interest news media in his work; he currently produces mostly freehands for export and is making a name for himself for combining Danish-style (if somewhat conservative) design and inspiration with impeccable quality.

Contrary to the general perception, Holmer is not employed by DanPipe, but rather has his independent workshop in the same building and is co-using some of the facilities.

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Holmer Knudsen Pipes e.K.
Hafenstr. 30
21481 Lauenburg (Elbe)
Phone: +49 (0174) 3395550