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The Löfberg stamp. Image courtesy Redeemed Pipes.

Löfberg pipes were made by Svend Bang, founder of S. Bang, one of Denmark's most famous pipe workshops. While Bang himself was a businessman rather than a pipe maker, and did not make pipes for S. Bang, he did try his hand at pipe making in the mid-1970s, possibly with guidance from his then-employees, Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier. Bang used his wife's maiden name, Löfberg, as the name for these pipes.

After making a few pipes, Bang presented them to Bernd Kopp of Otto & Kopp to be sold in the latter's shop. Owing to a disagreement between Bang and Kopp, however, the pipes were never offered for sale to customers, and remained storage at the Otto & Kopp shop for nearly 3 decades. Bang's pipes were then rediscovered by Kopp and finally sold by Volker Bier as a collector's item.