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LePeltier is one of the few remaining clay pipe manufacturers in the world. In contrast, last Danish and Dutch clay pipe manufacturers perished in 1980s.

Clay (porcelain) pipes are available in several shapes and with various decorations. Modern in appearance (shape), and if a decorated one, this type of pipe certainly gets the attention amongst fellow pipesmokers (nowdays clay pipes are fairly unusual and a rarity as not often sighted). But that turns into advantage especially in this case.

Due the bowl material, ideal pipes for tobacco tasting, or for smoking different aromatics with the same pipe. And this feature attracts especially tobacco purists who feel that other bowl materials bring unwanted flavors which affect the pleasure.

Due its innovative structure, Lepeltier pipe does not "burn fingers", as the bowl surface remains fairly cool, unlike in case of solid clay bowls.

Good quality and very reasonable price combined means excellent value for money. One good addition to the pipe collection.

Contact Information

Lepeltier Pipes
215 New Street
East Fairfield, Vermont 05448

Tel: 1 802 827 3840
Website: http://www.lepeltier-pipes.com/
E-mail: mailto:lepeltier_pipes@hotmail.com