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Ib Loran was one of numerous good to very good Danish carvers throughout the 1960's and 1970's who didn't become really famous. He began making pipes around 1955 and by the beginn of the 1960's he was one of the indoor pipemakers in the workshop of H. Dan-Christensen's famous Pibe-Dan shop in Copenhagen (closed in 1991) with Gert Holbek as foreman.

From Left to Right, Lars Ivarsson, Jørn Micke, Anne Julie, and IB Loran, Courtesy http://scandpipes.com

As many other of his colleagues Ib Loran sold pipes on his own account, too. Beside Pibe-Dan they were available at Poul Olsen's P&T shop.

Ib Loran's pipes were mostly of smaller dimensions and thankfully almost without exception not for use with filters.