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Lord Davenport Pipes were made in four shapes, a dublin, billiard, apple and lumberman, in each of four finishes. The Shell, The Lord Davenport with a saddle stem, the Lord Davenport with a tapered stem, and The Drury. They were advertised as "non-clogging", and "non-juicing". These pipes were advertised in Fortune and Esquire magazines and sold through the Bennett Brother's catalogs. The pipes were advertised as sold by Davenport, Ltd., with a showroom located at 480 Lexington Avenue, New York 17, New York in 1944 to 1947, and at the same time are advertised as being from "Lord Davenport, Ltd." in Esquire in 1946. The advertisements by Davenport are of note in that they stressed the cosmetic appeal of a "pipe to fit every type of face". The pipes retailed between $5.00 and $15.00 in 1946. No sign of these pipes is apparent after prior to 1942 or after 1953.

Pure speculation as to the origin of the Lord Davenport pipe and company would place it in the hands of Henry Davenport Bellin, of Providence, Rhode Island, who was in 1941 granted a patent, US 2232092 A, for a smoking pipe. This patent number later appeared on Pipes by Lee, but was assigned to Davenport, Ltd., suggesting a possible connection. However, no corroboration of this speculation has yet been found.