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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

Marxman (Marxman Pipe Company) was created by Robert (Bob) L. Marx in 1934, when he was 29, and after he had worked for the William Demuth Company. His pipes were not outstanding because of the quality of their wood (probably Algerian), but Bob started making unique sculpted pieces, which brought the brand fame in the World of Hollywood cinema. Actors like Zachery Scott, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, Joel McRae, and Ronald Reagan were some of the faces that appeared on the bowls.

"Relax with a Marxman Ad, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Courtesy Doug Valitchka
1946 Ad, Courtesy Doug Valitchka

Bob new how to innovate and took full advantage of marketing and press advertising in order to sell the brand--one of his slogans being "Relax with a Marxman".

The Four Hundred was Marxman's best series, characterized by very large pipes. Similarly famous was the Marxman Heirloom Pipes series, with around 80 pieces produced by well-known North American sculptors, such as Jo Davidson, Cecil Howard, Charles Kopp, and RD Lewis, contracted by Bob in 1947. Today these pipes are genuine collector's items. The series included animal and human figures, selling at extremely high prices for the time.

Bob also produced other brands, such as the "Bench Made".

The company lasted until 1953, the year in which it merged with Mastercraft, then the USA's biggest pipe importer.

Marxman Pipes Inc., was located at 27 West 24th St. New York 10, NY.