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This article may actually be due to misspelling Mr. Andersen. We're in the process of sorting that out. There is no end of confusion about Mr. Andersen pipes, and perhaps Mr. Anderson pipes as well!

Pipes made in Denmark under the name of Mr. Anderson have been around for a number of years, but it's been just speculated as to who made them. When Soren Eric Andersen was asked if he was the maker he replied. "They were commissioned by Remo Sørensen, who had several pipe shops in Copenhagen in the seventies/ eighties. I know that Larsen from Larsen & Stigart made some of them, but there will have been more pipe makers involved. These pipe were with filling and standard mouthpiece, but a decent quality, and a fair price." It is thought that some were made by Jorgen Larsen and others by Erik Nording.