Non canta la raganella

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The brand was established as Non canta la raganella back in the 19th century by Alcide Duranti in Castelfidardo (Province of Ancona, region Marche). The strange name, meaning something like "the tree frog doesn't sing", makes reference to a system of two chambers installed in the shank, that should suppress the gargling of the tobacco juice.

After the World War I the pipe manufacturer Adriano Anselmi of Ancona (AAA) became partner of the Duranti family. The pipes received the additional stamping DAC for Duranti & Anselmi Castelfidardo.

After 1945, the firm was sold to a family Gandolfi and shifted to nearby Loreto. Next and last owner was a german pipe wholesaler with the name Braun. The brand was operated until the 1980s, and some sources say the pipes were lastly made by Chacom in Saint-Claude.

In the course of the time the pipes carried changing names:

  • Non canta la raganella
  • La Raganella
  • Raganella (in various character fonts)
  • NCLR

A very popular series named "Corteccia" showed partial rustications reminding of tobacco leaves.

The following pipe, courtesy of Michael Reash, is a Non Canta La Raganella PRIMA (stamped on the left side if your are smoking it). On the bottom it has an unreadable word with 1935 stamped. DAC with a shield around it and 220 below on the right side. The gold band has some hallmarks a little too small to distinguish.