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Dunhill Cocktail Pipes Set.

Ladies pipe with interchangeable bowls, circa 1918. All 4 bowls are cut out of single briar root. It was the best-quality line (A). Set has 2 stems and both are stamped with Dunhill Reg. Number. Pipes were made at the end of 1918. Original Dunhill patented case is dated 1919. Only 1 bowl (picture 2) has been very lightly smoked - there are traces of charring at the rim but the original Bruyere finish is still visible inside the bowl. The other 3 bowls are unsmoked.

A Rare 1918 Patent

Kevin writes that "the late Mr. John Loring and I were in his room discussing the cataloging of various stampings on pre-WWII Dunhill mouthpieces when the discussion turned towards the peculiar year of 1924. John and I had several Bruyere pipes in our collection that had the even-width DUNHILL over LONDON stampings that are normally dated to 1918. However, four of these pipes were all date-coded to 1924. I remarked that I had only seen one Dunhill pipe that was a definitively-stamped 1918, and this is that pipe. What is more, the <AD> factory hallmarked sterling silver on this pipe is also hallmarked to 1918 (leopard's head, lion passant, date letter of c).

This pipe helped to confirm Loring's work in dating these pipes, and my cataloging of five PROV. PRO stamped mouthpieces. The PROV. PRO mouthpiece stampings (also on this pipe, but faint) were on the earliest Dunhill pipes. I have only seen this stamp on Duke St. stamped pipes and this particular pipe here.

So, what you are looking at is a very rare 1918 Dunhill shape 60 of solid proportions (a group 4+) in extraordinarily fine condition. This is the mate to my 1917 shell of the same shape (a "notched shell", as John called them), and will be a fine and very important addition to the Dunhill collector. These 1918 stamped pipes are much rarer than the arched DUNHILL-stamped pipes of 1919.

Note: Our bands always carry at least an AD mark (in a diamond frame) and “925” for Sterling silver. Sometimes may not have the full Assay office hallmarks (which are not required if the silver weight does not exceed 7 grams). Kalmon S. Hener. Product Line Director - The White Spot Smoker's Accessory Division and Walthamstow site.

An unusual and beautifully restored Dunhill SK

The Bent-Rhodesian in Root finish was made in 1984 and of course, it shows the white dot on the Vulcanite stem. It's 7 millimeters (!) long and weighs 0.005 Gramm (!) but theoretically, it is absolutely functional. On display in Dunhill's London showroom. - Space Shuttle was inspired by the space shuttles riding atop a Boing 747 en route back to Florida from Edwards airbase. - Cologne Cathedral was a special order made for Cologne pipe-trader Peter Heinrichs in 2005. It is a rare Dunhill Freehand Straight Grain 4 stars pipe in oversize (XL). The lid is worked – like the Cologne cathedral itself – out of 925 sterling silver. The smoke can escape through several holes in the lid as well as through the head portal of the cathedral. The pipe is therefore fully operable, but will hardly ever be smoked. The pipe (value: Euro 10,000) was blessed by the Cologne Cardinal Meißner (!!!) and received a display place in the Cologne City Museum.

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