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Robert Mewis he had been introduced to the art of pipemaking for a couple of months by Hasso Baudis, who operated a workshop in Oldenburg. When Baudis quit on pipemaking Mewis took over the workshop and started to make and sell pipes.

His pipes, freehand versions of classic shapes, soon reached very high standards and there were many pipe-wise men who expected him to range among the very best someday. But Mewis also quit around 1988 when he became aware how hard it is making a living and raising a family on pipemaking.

Like Baudis he returned to his original profession as an architect. Over the years many unverified stories said he was still making a few pipes every once in a while. At the end of 2003 well-known collector Martin Reck contacted him and Mewis said that he doesn't have a workshop for his disposal. All the same, he might consider to get back to pipemaking some day.

Pipes were stamped "Handmade by Mewis" on the shank and graded (descending) by capital letters from A to (?). Only smooth pipes, never filled, in brown, red, orange, natur. Stems handcut from ebonite with/without filters.

Mewis gave a 1 year's warranty on his pipes.