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The Drinkless Shellcraft, made by Reiss-Premier Co., is a unique pipe, very collectible to those who relish the early Kaywoodie and pre-Kaywoodie offerings. This pipe had a large, non-threaded fitment. The white logo on the bit was shaped like the Kaywoodie fitment. Some had KBB leaf on the shank. Right before Kaywoodies started coming out with their “Drinkless” (stinger) innovation on their Kaywoodie line, this pipe was offered as “The Drinkless, Shellcraft.” The Synchro-stem (screw fitment) was introduced in 1929, and the pipes of the 1924-29 era were standard mortise & tenon (push tenon) design.

As you see the “Shellcraft” finish is all hand carved, I think to battle directly with the Dunhill Shell finish. And these pipes were, and remain, on par with the Dunhill’s of their day, plus a lot rarer than Dunhill’s, but still undervalued in the market.

An interesting thing is that the Shellcraft finish has been recently resurrected after many years, for Gray Fox. However, the new version of the finish is a deep blast, and the original is a hand-carved meticulous design, reminiscent of the hand carved finish early Sasieni Rustic shows to emulate the grain brought our by sandblasting in the Dunhill Shell.