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saci Pipes

The maker's name is Yukio Okamura, born in Toyonaka in the outskirts of Osaka in November 1950. "saci" means "harvest" or "happiness" and relates to his first name Yukio meaning "happy man".

He calls himself a homo ludens. In his younger years he travelled from and back to Japan to other Asian countries many times pleasuring and trying himself in many artistic and creative professions for fairly two decades. Easy going with nothing in his hands to carry.

Then he settled down in Kyoto and began to make pipes in May of 2000. Having no steady occupation he had enough time in these days. Okamura's idols as pipemakers are Jørn Micke and Lars Ivarsson. Even though he strived to get away from Danish influences to create his own style.

At the end of Summer 2004 he left the big city of Kyoto to move to the "orange island" Suoh- Ohshima on the Seto sea. He's enchanted by the way of life on this island where everything is moving slowly. A perfect ambience for making pipes.

Yukio Okamura
158-50-107 Komatsu-Kaisaku Suoh-Ohshima
Yamaguchi, Japan
ZIP: 742-2105

Phone: 0820 - 74 - 2877
Website: saci