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My opinion is the background of the pipe images should be the most "neutral" possible. Otherwise Pipedia pages will ressemble a Christmas tree. Neutral :

- Backgrounds with pipe holders, books, pipe tools, computer screens ou keyboards, room sceneries, flowers, plants of all kinds, even pipe sleeves (which are rarely originals) ... disturb from what we are all interested for: PIPES

- Flashy colours should be avoided too. IMO white, black or (colored) grey are the best.

I agree, it would be best to keep to neutral tones, and uncluttered backgrounds in photographs for Pipeida. That will keep the focus on the pipes, and also contributes a more cohesive look to the articles. However, I hate to discourage new contributors from posting images because they are worried they are not in keeping with a specific requirement. In some cases we have no images at all for a brand. In those cases, and in cases where the image is of a very unique pipe, I would prefer to have the images even if they don't meet a specific criteria. --sethile 20:19, 4 November 2012 (CST)