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Many thanks to Bill Burney for permission to use his fantastic Pipes shape chart, which he originally developed for Alt.Smokers.Pipes (A.S.P.)

Apple-button.gif Bent-apple-button.gif Author-button.gif Prince-button.gif Diplomat-button.gif

Egg-button.gif Ball-button.gif Hawkbill-button.gif Billiard-button.gif Bent-billiard-button.gif

Panel-billiard-button.gif Canadian-button.gif Liverpool-button.gif Lumberman-button.gif Lovat-button.gif

Pot-button.gif Oom-paul-button.gif Poker-button.gif Cherrywood-button.gif Dublin-button.gif

Zulu-button.gif Pear-button.gif Calabash-button.gif G-calabash-button.gif Bulldog-button.gif

Bent-bulldog-button.gif St-rhodesian-button.gif Rhodesian-button.gif Bullcap-button.gif Bullmoose-button.gif

Brandy-button.gif Cutty-button.gif Churchwarden-button.gif Cavalier-button.gif Duke-button.gif

Vest-button.gif Oval-button.gif Freehand-button.gif Skater-button.gif Horn-button.gif

Blowfish-button.gif Pickaxe-button.gif Uke-button2.gif Volcano-button.gif Tools-button.gif

  • Curious about the origin of the names we use for various traditional pipe shapes? Some shape names, like the Brandy, or the Apple, for instance, are at least somewhat descriptive of the shape. Many others are not. Ben Rapaport recently (November 2023) did a deep dive on this subject: A Salmagundi of Briar Pipe Shapes and Names