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==== Shell ====
[[Image:DunhillI.jpg|thumb|A 1937 Shell LB, G.L. Pease collection[]]]A deep craggy sandblast with a black stain finish. Duhill pantended the sandblast finish in 1917 (Patent No. 1484/17). See [[The Art of Sandblasting]], and by R.D. Field, for in depth look at Dunhill's revolutionary new finish. The deepest and craggiest finishes were from Algerian briar, which is softer and yields more to the blasting. These are found in circa 1920's, 1940's, and 1960's Shells. The pipes were double blasted until the 1960's, and then the double blast technique resumed in the 1980's calling it the "Deep Shell" finish. During the 1960’s and 70’s Dunhill could not acquire the Algerian briar. Consequently, the company’s sandblast pipes were much shallower and less distinct. Once again Dunhill showed itself to be innovative, inventing the “double blast” technique to bring about a deeper blast even with harder briar.
[[Image:CraggyDunhill.jpg|thumb|300px|center|A 1934 Dunhill Shell Patent Pipe - Note the deep and craggy sandblast that early Dunhill Shells were famous for - Courtesy of Mike Ahmadi]]

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