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First Luigi Radice became increasingly discontent with the factory like production. Pipes were made by standard shape numbers and there was no longer room for his own creative pipemaking and personal development. He was also afraid that the increased production would eventually lead to a reduction in quality. Radice started quarreling with Ascorti about the future course of Caminetto, and they were unable to find a solution. Radice, being an employed pipemaker rather than a partner, could not assert himself.
[[Image:Caminetto_11.jpg|left|thumb|Old production Business 149 KS]]
Ascorti shared Radice's concerns about maintaining the quality in the face of the higher production, but Davoli had gained almost total control by this time, and insisted on the higher production.
Gianni Davoli, last chimney standing, stayed behind, now owning a pipe workshop without any pipemakers. Strange enough, the old Caminetto workshop caught fire shortly afterward and burned down to ashes.
Image:Caminetto Pipe01.jpg|Caminettos from new production after 1986
Image:Caminetto Pipe02.jpg|Pictures by Frank
Image:Caminetto Pipe03.jpg
Image:Caminetto Pipe04.jpg

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