British Pipe Brands & Makers U - Z

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F-GB.gif British Pipe Brands & Makers
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Ultronia Former brand of A. Frankau & Co., then a BBB sub-brand / second.
University Brand distributed by; also a Comoy's series
Vampire Brand by John Redman Ltd./British Empire Pipe Co.
Vanguard Former English brand, now part of the Oppenheimer Pipe group.
Varsity ???
Vauxhall Charatan sub-brand/second
Vermont L.S. Glass; London. See Glass.
Vuillard & Strauss
W. Bradford Tobacconist and brand; London
W.H. Carrington see Carrington; Former pipemaker from Manchester, England
Weingott Samuel Weingott
Westminster Brand sold by various English and North American Firms (see Channber CBP Westminster)
Wessex Originally a brand of Hall & Fitzgerald Co. Made by Chacom
WHC Former brand of Carrington
William Warne & Co. Former maker; Gresham and Prince Of Wales
Wiltshire Brand produced by Comoy's
White Ring GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Whitehall Brand from Civic; Also sold in US; some were made by Gasparini
Willmer H. Willmer & Son; Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 5SJ
Wilton ???
Wimbledon GBD sub-brand / second.
Windsor Sasieni sub-brand / second. See also Astley's
T. R. Withecomb Manchester (maybe only Meerschaum pipes)
Wood L. & J.S. Briars / Les Wood. See Ferndown.
Worthmore English Brand / factory, which closed in the late 60's.