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F-GB.gif British Pipe Brands & Makers
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Mackenzie BBB sub-brand / second, may also have been produced in the Irish Republic
Major Black Brand produced by Orlik
Major Daff BBB sub-brand / second.
Major Dash Former brand of A. Frankau & Co.
Man Pipe Produced by Laxey Pipes Ltd. and distributed by Comoy's.
Mansfield ???
Mansion House Comoy's sub-brand.
Manxpipe, Manxman, Manxland, Manx Meerschaum Brands of Laxey Pipes Ltd.
Marcee GBD sub-brand / second.
Mardale Stamped "England"
Martin Early 20th Century brand of Richard Martin, see Blakemar Briars
Masta GBD sub-brand / second.
Masta Masta Patent Pipe Company
MastaFoster Brand of Masta
Matchless Orlik sub-brand / second.
Matt DeLuxe GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Matt Special GBD. Offered as private brand pipe; stampings on customer's comand.
Maurice Need Information, A pipe with a patented glove and nicotine trap
Mayfair Sasieni sub-brand / second.
McArris Brand made for McCranie's by Ashton
McCranie's Made by Ashton
McGahey Brand made for the Tobacconist
McIntosh McIntosh (series: Royal Indian) was probably made in Ireland.
Medley GBD sub-brand / second.
Merchant Herbert Merchant; English maker and owner of Herbert Merchant Inc.
Merchant Service Brand of Herbert Merchant Inc.
Merlin Former brand of Cadogan. It's Meerschaum pipes were made by Amboseli
Merton Former English brand of Harold Merton, with a factory in Saint-Claude (Paul Guilliand)
M-F Former English brand by Glasgow maker A. Frielander
Michel Note: MICHEL and MICHEL DELUXE pipes had been listed here as a Barling sub-brand / second. At least two notable Barling experts question this. Matt Hardin unearthed that these pipes were associated with the Michel J Mitchell pipe shop, and came from various makers. See Michel for details.
Millville Dennis and John Marshall; Barnet EN5 1AU.
Moorgate Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Mountbatten Pipes made by Charatan apprentices.
Mr. Pickwick Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Mullins & Westley Mullins & Westley Tobacconists; 27A The Piazza, Covent Garden, London. Today probably most famous for their snuff tobaccos. Private label pipes made by various European brands.
Murray-Frame & Love Cadogan brand.
Nec Plus Ultra Former brand of A. Frankau & Co. Ltd., which became BBB
Newcastle Comoy's sub-brand / second. Today a sub-brand of Chacom.
non plus ultra BBB sub-brand / second.
Northern Briar Pipes Ian Walker
O. Barnes & Co. ???
O'Gorman Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Ogden's Old brand produced for Ogden's tobacconist, Liverpool
Old England is a Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Olde English is also a Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Old Mariner Possibly made by Comoy's. Need information
O'Mahoney Ltd. ???
Oppenheimer Pipe Charles, Adolphe, and David Oppenheimer & Louis Adler
Orlik Cadogan brand.
Orborne ??
Osman Ltd. ???
Otomatic Brand of Friedland & Jackson Ltd.
OWL Brand by Comoy's; Also OWL Club, and OWL Shop, which were North American brands
Oxford GBD sub-brand / second, and for other Cadogan brands
Oxford Comoy's sub-brand / second in 30-40s.
P.O.W. Made for a Scottish firm named G.M. Frame. Compare Prince Of Wales.
Park Lane Brand sold in England and USA by Lichtenstadts Ltd. and L&H Stern
Parker Dunhill subsudiary; became Parker-Hardcastle
Peel Street Brand from the 1940s produced by Sasieni
Peerless GBD sub-brand / second.
Pelican Former English brand of Masta
Penthouse GBD sub-brand / second.
Perkins Brand of H. Perkins & Sons
Pickwick Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Pickwick Arms ???
Pinner GBD sub-brand / second.
Plumb Metal Pipe with Briar Bowl, need information; Peasemaker, England
Plymouth English brand
Pollock Clay Pipes John Pollock & Co.; Manchester
Polo Started as a brand of Civic, then to Cadogan, also a brand of Savinelli
Pomeroy & Cooke Ltd. Meerschaum pipes; Holcot, Northampton
Poole & Smythe Dunhill for Poole & Smythe.
Popular GBD sub-brand, also Duncan Briars, and the French Company Ropp
Port Royal Brand of the Portland Pipe Co., and later a sub-brand of Barling
Portland Need information, perhaps by Portland Pipe Co.?
Porland Pipe Co. Former English maker, some of whose brands were later produced by Barling
Portman Former brand of Portland Pipe Co.
Prestige GBD sub-brand; also used by Cavicchi
Prima Former Comoy's sub-brand, which had a series of meerschaum bowls
Price Albert Comoy's sub-brand / second
Prince Charles Need Information
Prince Of Wales GBD sub-brand / second. (Among others.)
Prince Regent Former brand made by Orlik
Prodigy ???; London
Pyramid Produced and sold by Carl Lefton Co., and/or Comoy's
Quest Fairly obscure brand - made in England.