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Eldritch Pipes Brand name for English maker Chris Kelly
ELK old English brand
Englandaire 1930s brand, and Sasieni sub-brand / second
English Gold English brand produced by La Rocca
English Knight GBD sub-brand / second.
English Rustic perhaps this Comoy's sub-brand / second 50-70s
English Patent Pipe old English brand of John Higgins & Co.
Estacis GBD sub-brand / second.
Eton Lopes states it is an English brand of Oppenheimer Pipe using Greek brair; symbol of E
Everdry brand of Parker Pipe Co. Stamp: "Everdry / London Made".
Everyman old English brand of R.S. Boulton Ltd, but a Comoy's sub-brand / second since at least 1925.
Exmoor Pipe Comoy's sub-brand / second.
F & C F & C Pipe Company of London
F & T see Fribourg & Treyer
Fairway old brand of A. Frankau & Co.; now a BBB sub-brand / second
Falcon Metall system pipe (ex USA)
Falstaff Charatan sub-brand / second.
Fantail old English brand, but a Sasieni sub-brand / second following WWII.
Featherweight English brand of Oppenheimer Pipe
FEC Friedrich Edwards & Co.
Ferndown L. & J.S. Briars / Les Wood
FGC Early 20th century brand; Birmingham
Finsbury Former brand of Oppenheimer Pipe. Brand of Finsbury Products; New York.
Fortnum & Mason House pipes of famed London department store
Fouquet GBD sub-brand / second.
Frankau Adolphe Frankau. See BBB.
Frankau's BBB sub-brand / second.
Frederick Tranter brand and name of English tobacconist in Bath and Oxford
Friar Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Fribourg & Treyer Private label pipes for Fribourg & Treyer (tobacconists, cigar merchants, cigarette and snuff manufacturers) 1764 - 1977; Haymarket, London.
Friedlander, Lesser A. (1858 - 1903) Inventor of first patented telescoping pipe. Ref. 1888 Tobacco Trade Directory
Fromm Chatham, Kent. See Invicta Briars and Castleford. Manager of Charatan production for Dunhill.
G. Smith & Sons brand and name of English Tobacconist founded in 1869 (now closed), based in Charing Coss Rd. London
Gallaher Tom Gallaher; Londonderry
Garlan Or Garland? GBD sub-brand / second.
GBD Ganneval, Bondier and Donninger.
Georgian British Clay pipe brand. Aslo English brand sold by Bernhardt & Mayers (see Rocket)
Glass L.S. Glass; London.
Glokar BBB sub-brand / second.
Gold Star Sasieni sub-brand / second.
Golden Arrow Produced by Comoy's; Symbol: centaur holding a bow
Golden Root Golden Root - London Made
Gresham Giants Comoy's sub-brand / second.
Gorden early 20th century brand of Samuel Gorden; Symbol Gordon in a lozenge
Guildhall Comoy's sub-brand / second. Started in the 1930s, and still produced
GWS G.W. Sims; North London
Hall & Fitzgerald English maker of several brands
Hampton Court ??
Hardcastle Hardcastle Pipes Ltd.; became Parker-Hardcastle.
Harley Filter Popular brand from the 1960s made by Comoy's
Harrods Private label pipes of the famous London department store. London SW1X 7XL (Knightsbridge).
Harwood Brothers Maker from Liverpool; Lopes states connection with HB, Old England, and Old Fashion
HB brand of the Harwood Brothers
HC old English brand of the factory, H. Comoy & Co. Ltd. (see Comoy's)
Heather Coleman Clay pipe maker
Hedgehog old English brand by Herbert Terry & Sons
Hendon old English Brand
Henley Club Sasieni sub-brand / second. (Not to be confused with Henley, a Stanwell second!)
Hercules brand by various companies
His Royal Highness HRS a Sasieni sub-brand / second.
House Of Commons GBD sub-brand / second.
House Of Lords brand by Samuel Gordon in the early 20th Century, then became a Sasieni second
Huybrecht George Huybrecht
Hyde Park Comoy's sub-brand / second.

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