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Under clay pipes, it talks about how clay pipes were considered disposable, but it makes no mention of "Pub Pipes", the long stemmed clay pipes. These were essentially public pipes used in pubs (public houses) that were given to patrons to use. After a patron used it, the tip (and I dont know how much of the tip this would be) was broken off so the next person could use it. This way, you werent smoking someone elses spittle along with the tobacco. I dont know if this was due to health concern (although I am sure it helped to prevent spread of germs) or just because it may seem gross to put a pipe in your own mouth after having been in someone elses. I feel that some research and mention of this should be placed after the part about clay pipes having been disposable, or even under history of clay pipes with a link to said page under clay pipes.

Oh I agree 100%. If you would care to do the research and write the piece please dive in! If you need any help adding it into an article and/or linking it just let me know. Or you can just send me your copy and I can add it for you. Thanks! --sethile 00:03, 9 January 2011 (UTC)