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Martin Vlasák
"Martin's Pipes" logo

Martin Vlasák (Martin's Pipes), was born May 9, 1962. He is from Brno, Bohemia, and makes pipes as a hobby. He works with briar from Italy and frequently uses silver bands on his pipes. Martin made the 2003 model for the Brebbia series Grandi Designers della Pipa, and his work is exported to Slovakia, Poland, Hungry, Germany, USA, and Japan.[1]

A very experienced smoker, he has one of the best ever times in international competitions.

Symbol: a gemstone (at least on the best pieces).

I made my first tobacco pipe as a ten-year old boy. I carved a head of an Indian from a piece of mahogany. We needed a calumet for our kids’ games. At that time I didn’t even know what the calumet looked like. To my surprise the tobacco pipe worked and that’s how it all has started.

At the age of sixteen I was completely addicted to the pipes and I also started smoking them since. It`s been almost twenty years ago when the available production didn’t interest me anymore. I got few briar pipe blanks and tried to make my first real pipes.

I would like to mention my first mentor Dr. Josef Stanislav, a true pipe expert, my first critic and advisor.

The pipe making became my main hobby. I also got interested in pipe slow smoke tournaments. I have become twice champion of The Tournament of the Czech Crown Lands and twice champion of Slovakia. I reached 17th place at The World Tournament and our pipe club team finished in 5th place at The World Team Tournament.

At the beginning I made pipes only for myself, then for my friends and these days my pipes are on all continents. When I say all continents I really mean all six of them. One of my pipes spent half year at a polar station in the Antarctic.

In 2003 I was approached by the company Brebbia to create a pipe for Grandi Designers della Pipa series. The pipe was made and I, somehow, found myself in the company of the names such as Alberto Paronelli, Enea Buzzi, Otto Pollner, Bjarne Nielsen, Rainer Barbi or Sab Tsuge.

In 2014, after 25 years of running, I was forced to close down my own furniture company. Since July 2014 I’ve been only concentrated on creating and making pipes.

In almost 20 years of my production of pipes I have never made two identical ones. I hope my ideas will never leave me and I’ll still be able to bring you something new...


Contact Information

Martin's Pipes Bohemia
Czech Republic

E-mail: Jazzmartin62@gmail.com
Website: http://www.martinspipes.com/ (inactive)


  1. From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes