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F-F.gif French Pipe Brands & Makers
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Eiffel old brand by the Fèlix Lancon factory
Elie Unuasual freehands and system pipes
Èmile Benoit old brand and factory in Chassal, on the outskirts of Saint-Claude
Èmile Vuillard Saint-Claude
Enrique David Enrique (needs more editing)
Eole House made brand of La Pipe Rit, Saint-Claude
Èstablissements Victor Lons-le-Saunier factory; Saint-Claude in the early 20th century, and adjacent to the E.H. Victor factory
EWA Pipe Was Waille before
Excelsior 1930 French brand from the Au Narghileh company; Montlucon
Extra Prima old French brand of the Felix Lancon factory
Fancy brand of Chacom
Fayet founded 1909, mainly known for cane-pipes
FBC old French brand of Forestier-Bourgeois et Cie.; Saint-Claude; stamp FBC-La Nationale
Febvre Camille Pratz factory, Saint-Claude, early 20th Century
Febvre D. et X Leschères Factory, Saint-Claude, early 20th century; produced Libèrator brand
Fèlix Lancon old French factory in Saint-Claude
Filbi Grand created circa 1920 by Ropp
Firex Series known: Gold Crown
Flamidor Early French lighter company that either made pipes, or had them made under their brand
Flavien Mandrillon 19th Century French Factory in Saint-Claude, which later became Gay-Mandrillon.
Forestier-Bourgeois et Cie Old French factory in Saint-Claude. In 1958 it still employed 25 workers.
Fouquet French Brand, and GBD second
Frèdèric Pasquire French ceramic pipe artisan (1828-1895); Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie
Fun French brand created in 1993 by Cuty Fort Group as a set made up of a pipe and matching tie
FV old French brand of Pauthier & Vincent
Gambier Jean Gambier, clay pipe artisan; Givet
Ganevl et Cie. old French factory; Saint-Claude
Gardhill old French brand of J. Vincent Fils
Gilbee factory founded 1851, which achieved "perfection in pipe making" from the pipes respiratoires
Gefapip brand and name of French company Maker unknown!
Genod Jacques Craen (1959); Sebastien Beaud since 2006
GEO Old Fench brand of the Gros, Grenier, Ostorero et Cie factory; see GOC
G.H. Delatour Old French factory, affiliated with Dela and Nicod
Gérard Chapel Past president of Cofrérie des Maîtres-Pipers de Saint-Claude. Director of Butz-Choquin
Gérard Mermet pipe maker in Avignon, near Saint-Claude
Gérard Prungnaud Ceramic pipe maker; Saint Quentin-La-Poterie
GFB old French brand; Saint-Claude
GOC Gros, Grenier, Ostero & Cie.
Gold Star early 20th century brand produced by Ruchon & Verguet
Graco A brand of Grappin Fils & Cie. In business from 1924 to 1968.
Grandclément-Gauteron old French factory in Saint-Claude
Grappin Fils et Cie. Saint-Claude and Brussels
Grappin-Brochot Late 19th century French factory in Saint-Claude
Gravée 19th century clay pipe maker
Gren old French brand of Grenier Godard; Saint-Claude
Grenard Yves Grenard is the director of Chapuis-Comoy
Gross, Grenier, Ostorero et Cia former French factory combining these principles; Saint-Claude
Guichard & Cie. former French factory in Saint-Claude (Pierre Guichard Succr)
Guilland Paul Guilland; Retired head of Paul Viou and former director of Merten in Saint-Claude and GBD.
Guy-Mandrillon Early 20th Century factory; Saint-Claude; formerly Flavien Mandrillon
Guyot Gilbert Guyot
G.V.G. The initials of Georges Vincent-Genod, long (and still) used for some Genod pipes.
H. Guyot see Guyot
H. Richmond Pipemaker; outskirts of Saint-Claude
Hami ???
Harnisch, Charles (1845-1895), has pipes on display at the Bergerac Tobacco Museum
Harpoon ???
HAV Late 19th century brand of the H. Aschenbrenner-Vuillard factory; Saint-Claude
Hecht brand of the former Charles Hecht factory; Saint-Claude
Hem Arrow brand of Simon Vuillard & Strauss
Henri Vuillard & Cie. Saint-Claude factory founded in 1857, which incorporated the Vincent Péchoux factory
Henri Gros Saint-Claude
Hermes Pipes ???
Hilex Stamped "Fait Main - Algerian Briar"
High Life late 19th Century french brand
Holz 19th century brand from the Grappin-Dalloz Factory