French Pipe Brands & Makers A - D

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F-F.gif French Pipe Brands & Makers
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A l'Oriental Founded in 1862
A. Burlet Early 20th century French factory
A. Lacroix SARL Andre Lacroix, see also Lacroix
A. Pandevant & Roy Co. Located in Paris, founded 1884 and disappeared with the commencement of WWII
Achilli, Francois French designer who created the Butz-Choquin Cybele model
Ad Hoc Pipe Brand of Denis Blanc's Ad Hoc Pipe Shop
AGE Brand of La Bruyère
Albuisson Alain Albuisson
Algerian Briar may be associated with La Bruyère
Altadis The Altadis tobacco brand's test pipe.
Aimé Besson brand and name of late 19th century factory.
Amante Brand by Chacom, sold by Tinder Box
André Lançon Early 20th century factory
Antidote Early 20th century brand of Jeantet-David SA
Aonian O on top of stem
APL Brand from the André Lançon factory
Ascot Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Au Caid
Au Narghileh clay pipes by Laville in Montlucon.
Au Pache Actually Au Pacha. Parisian atelier dealing in meerschaum, primarily 19th century.
Baily-Martre early 20th century factory in Saint-Claude
Bargiel Philippe Bargiel, French meerschaum artisan
Baronedel, Joseph-Ludovic early 20th century French factory near Saint-Claude producing JLB
Barok Maker unknown; stamped "Bruyere - St. Claude"
Bayard Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Bayle Private label brand made in Saint-Claude by Genod or EWA Pipe. Created in 1968 by Jean Etienne Gustave Bayle
and discontinued in 1980.
Beldor Maker unknown; series: De Luxe, Golf, Western
Belle Epoque Brand of Butz-Choquin
Berad Brand by Berrod-Regad
Berrod-Regad Later a holding company. Brands: Bontemps, Butz-Choquin, Chap, Claude Romain, Jima.
Production in 1999 was 230,000 pipes.
Bessard Claude Bessard, Early 20th Century, making both briar and cherry wood pipes
BF Old brand of Bernard Fuchez (1982 - 1904) Paris
Blue Jean French brand, GBD second
Bob Early 20th century French brand produced by Robert-Weil and Buchon & Verguet
Bontemps Brand of Berrod-Regad
Bonnaud, Alphonse Hippolyte clay pipe maker 1824 until WWII, Marseilles area
Boul-Mich old French brand from B. Laville in Montlucon. Advertised as "the real student pipe".
Bourgeois Andre Bourgeois, Saint-Claude
BR Probably used by Berrod-Regad
Brindisi old French brand from Granclement-Gauteron factory
Bretton Hall Old French Brand / factory made in Saint-Claude, which closed in the late 50's.
Bristol Sport ???
Brochet & Latour Villards d'Herithe, Saint-Claude late 19th early 20th century, then A. Vincent
Brulor old Saint-Claude brand, distributed to French Tobacconists before WWII
Brussine brand of Vincent-Coutier & Fills
Butz-Choquin Société des pipes Butz-Choquin
Camelia Obsolete brand by GBD in Paris
Casino de Luxe Sub-brand / Second by Chacom
Captain old French brand by Vuillard & Strauss also old English brand by Orlik
Casino Chacom second
Catalytic Pipe early 20th century brand from Jeantet - David SA
Cassetari George Cassetari: Corsica
CC Paris Wolf & Mathiss, originally known as Cawley & Henry; Paris
Cècil Pipe old brand by Vincent-Courtier & Fils factory
Chacom brand of Chapuis-Comoy & Cie Sarl; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Chamaut Rue Petit Pères
Channel Tunnel Lopes states it is an old brand of Grandclèment-Gauteron, 1907
Chap Chapel Frères & Cie; later a brand of Berrod-Regad
Chapuis-Comoy founded by Francois Comoy in 1825 in Saint-Claude see also Comoy's
Charivari old brand (19th Century) from Capron, in Rouen
Charles Lancon early 20th Saint-Claude factory
Chavet Frères late 19th century brand
Chevreuse GBD second as an Anglo-French brand
Chretin Jean Chretin JC in Saint-Claude
Choquin Jean-Baptiste Choquin, see Butz-Choquin
City de Luxe also City Deluxe, sub-brand of GBD
CF Chavet Frères late 19th century brand
C.J. Verguet Freres
Clerc Job Clerc, Terracotta pipe artisan; Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie
Colombani part time artisan in Valle d'Orezza, Corsica
Comfy brand of Vuillard & Strauss
Comoy-David Saint-Claude factory founded in 1865
Coquet Michael Coquet; Vernègues
Corsica Sub-brand / Second by Vuillard
Couronne old brand of Grappin Fils et Cie
Courrieu Charles Courrieu
Cragmoor ???
Crètal-Gallard old clay pipe company in Rennes
Cuty Fort Group Joint venture of Chacom, Jeantet, Lacroix and Vuillard; est. 1987
D'Ropp French brand of the Ropp factory, from the 1950s.
Darville ???
Dela old French brand by the G.H. Delatour; Saint-Claude
Delacour Saint-Claude, founded late 19th Century
Dorylaion French brand or Meerschaum pipes by Turkish carver Galip Sagim
Dr. Boston Sub-brand / Second by Butz-Choquin
Dr. Berger 1930s French Brand by La Bruyère
Dr. Fontaine brand of Ganeval et Cie.; Saint-Claude
Dr. Geo 1940s from Guichard & Cie, and later sold by M. Marmet Regge, Ebonite stems
Dr. Knox-All brand from the C.J. Verguet Freres factory.
Dr. Plumb Originally a brand of GBD (Paris); now made by Cadogan in GB
Dr. Roger's Brand of the Roger Delorne factory; Saint-Claude
Dr. Scott Brand of Vuillermoz et Goujon
Dumèril Leur Fils et Cie. clay pipe factory in Saint-Omer, found by Èmile Dumèril
Dupont Pipe brand of S.T. Dupont de Paris
Durandal Brand of Vincent-Coutier & Fils
Dutel-Giscolon 19th Century clay pipes made in Montereau