French Pipe Brands & Makers I - L

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Idée Old French brand pf Ganeval et Cie. factory
J. Vincent Fils former factory in Saint-Claude, produced the Gardhill brand
JBR Early 20th century brand of the Marechal Ruchon & Cie. factory
J.C. Poupon buys Ebauchons from Saint-Claude factories and makes horn stems
Jacques Craen See Genod and Vincent-Genod
Jean Claude Inexpensive French brand: Symbol: J
Jean Pierre Vitrac L'As de Pipe, Mini-Poyat, and Poyat
Jeantet Jeantet-David S.A; Since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Jeantet-David SA see Jeantet
Jeantet Paul Jeantet SA, formerly Ebonite Co.; Saint-Claude
Jima System pipe, brand of Berrod-Regad
JL French brand of Jean Lacroix
JLB Former brand of the Barondel Joseph-Ludovic factory
Joly Favier French factory in Saint-Claude, which later became Léon Favier
Joseph Lorge et Cie. Old French factory; Saint-Claude, see Duchesse, Lorge, and Odeon
Jules Cottet-Émard Early 20th century facory; Saint-Claude
Jumbos ???
Koch Eugène Koch
L. Fiolet Clay pipe factory; Saint Omar, Pas-de-Calais
L. Roux Louis Roux; Cogolin
L. Vincent-Coutier Previously Vincent-Cottet, later became Vincent-Coutier & Fils
L.J. Georges Lucien Jassois Georges; Corsica
L'Andalouse Former brand of Vincent-Coutier & Fils
L'As de Pipe (L'As de Poyat), brand of Cuty Fort Group, with Design by Jean Pierre Vitrac
L'Intoxicator See Bernod-Regad
La Bruyère Pipe making company as joint venture of Chacom and ?; 1932 - 1957
La Calabraise Former brand of Vincent-Coutier & Fils
La Colossale See Bernod-Regad
Lacroix Jean Lacroix; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
La Gitana Brand by Chapel Frés
La Glorieuse Former brand of the Renè Zanda factory
Lafayette Brand produced in Saint-Claude by Oppenheimer Pipe
La Moscovite 1890 brand from the Marèchal Ruchion factory
Lancon Fils et Millet Saint Lupicin factory, early 20th century; Saint-Claude
La Normandy Pierre Morel & Son
La Norvègienne Former brand of Ropp first appearing in 1911
Jean Lamy Saint-Claude, born 1814, died 2010
Lanier Paul Lanier
Lavanpol ???
Le Chevalier ???
Lèon Favier Former Saint-Claude factory, formerly called Joly Favier
Lèon Vincent maitre-pipier and pipe sculptor, the father of Roger Vincent
Le Pipier de Lunel Jean Waille; Lunel
Le Roi
Les Fils d'Anatole Grappin et Cie. early 20th century factory; Saint-Claude
Les Fils de Charles Vuillard Saint-Claude, followed the 19th century Édouard Vuillard factory
Les Fils de Paul Chretin Early 20th century Saint-Claude factory
Les Travailleurs Rèunis Late 19th century brand; Symbol: bird in flight with sprig of wheat in beak
Libèrator Former brand from Febvre D. et X. factory.
Ligier-Colin Brand for the late 19th Century
Ligne Bretagne Brand of hand finished pipes by Trever Talbert
Longchamp Jean Cassegrain
Lorge Former brand from Joseph Lorge et Cie.
Lorge-Guignard Early 20th century Saint-Claude factory, followed by Lorge Pipes et Fils, founded 1820
Louis Bonneville Early 20th century Saint-Claude factory, specialized in pipes with oval drill

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