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Ultimus Former brand of the René Zanada factory
Veni, Vidi, Vici Late 19th Century brand from the Sina & Cie factory
Ventil Former brand of Vuillermoz et Goujon
Verguet Frères Former factory, which closed in 1970s, see GBD
Veritable Produced in Cogolin
Vincent Roger Vincent
Vincent Péchoux 19th century brand, inventor of the "pocket pipe"; part of Henri Vuillard & Cie.
Vincent-Coutier & Fils Early 20th century Saint-Claude; formerly Vincent-Cottet, and L. Vincent Coutier factories
Vincent-Genod Georges Vincent-Genod
VRG Former brand of Vuillermoz et Goujon
Vuillard Henri Vuillard & Cie. Since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Vuillard & Strauss Saint-Claude factory with English owners, formerly Simon Vuillard & Strauss
Vuillermoz et Goujon Former Saint-Claude factory; Brands: Aerator, Dr. Scott, Normandie, Oceana, Phonix, Ventil, VRG
Waille See EWA Pipe
Week-End Brand from Chevassu Fournier, 1927; produced by Gasparini
Wessex Originally a brand of Hall & Fitzgerald Co. Made by Chacom
Wolf & Mathiss Originally known as Cawley & Henry, see CC Paris; Paris
Yeco Brand created in 1921 by Ropp
Ylem Brand created in 1924 by Ropp
YSC Yves Saint-Claude; Made by Chapuis-Comoy, mainly for the Tinder Box
Zaza Former brand of the René Zanada factory
Zénon Lacroix Former factory, see Lacroix and A. Lacroix SARL

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