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|'''[[American Smoking Pipe Co.]]'''||Mark Tinsky; Wolf Creek, MT. Founded by Curt '''[[Rollar]]''' and Mark Tinsky.
|'''[[American Smoking Pipe Co.]]'''||Mark Tinsky; Wolf Creek, MT. Founded by Curt '''[[Rollar]]''' and Mark Tinsky.
|'''Amherst''' || ''Lord Jeff''; an impressive, silver-mounted Dublin.  ???
|'''Anderson'''||'''[[Andre Anderson]]'''; Los Angeles, CA
|'''Anderson'''||'''[[Andre Anderson]]'''; Los Angeles, CA

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Adkins Dale Adkins
Aero-Kool Merrill G. Sampson; Seattle, WA & Santa Monica, CA
Agud ???; Seattle, WA
Air-Vent Jack Leese; New York City, NY
Alan Russ Alan Pipes; Greenville, RI
Alexander David D. Alexander; Galena, (IL ?)
Allen George Allen (†); Stroudsburg, PA
John Allen; Ipswich, MA.
Alpine Briars Stephen Johnson; Los Angeles, CA
Ambassador Kaufman Brothers & Bondy (KB&B); known after 1920.
American Smoking Pipe Co. Mark Tinsky; Wolf Creek, MT. Founded by Curt Rollar and Mark Tinsky.
Amherst Lord Jeff; an impressive, silver-mounted Dublin.  ???
Anderson Andre Anderson; Los Angeles, CA
P. A. Anderson
Scott Anderson; San Jose, CA
Stephen & Roswitha Anderson; Columbus, OH. → S&R Pipes.
Anima Pipes Brian McNulty, Culver City, CA
Antony Andre´ Pipes White House, TN
Arlington Arlington Briar Pipes Corporation; Brooklyn, NY
Art That Smokes Bill Braddock; Oklahoma City, OK
Arthur J. Arthur Pipes
Atelier Rolando Rolando Negoita; New Paltz, NY
Augsberger Frank Augsberger (†); Lombard, IL
Austin ???
B.A. Weaver Pipes Bruce A. Weaver; Brentwood, TN
BAC Art Pipes Marek Lejzorowicz; Warren, MI
Bahder Thomas Bahder; Clarksville, MD. See Renaissance Pipes.
Baier Alfred S. Baier (†)
Bain Justin Bain; Buffalo, NY. See Windjammer Pipes.
Barclay-Rex Barclay-Rex Pipe Shop; New York City
Barnes David Barnes; Kansas City, KS
Baron John Baron; Lynwood, WA
Barrow Lionel Barrow. "Lionel Barrow's craftsmanship and artistry so impressed Teddy Knudsen
that he gave Lionel several blocks of briar." ... Barrow E.jpg |
Bartlett Pipe Co. Daniel C. Bianchino; Intervale, NJ
Beard Tyler Lane Beard; Midland, TX. See Tyler Lane Pipes.
Beck Aaron Beck (†); Queens, NY
Becker George Becker; Kansas City, KS. See also Diebel.
Bellezia Michelangelo Bellezia; Buffalo, NY.
Benton Serial pipe, ranging from $25 - $70. Italian made?
Bertram Bertram Pipe Shop; Washington D.C.
Bessai John Bessai (broken pipe) and son Herb Bessai; Cleveland, Ohio.
Bessai 1.jpg |
Best Chris Best. Hobbyist carver since the 1970's.
BestC 00.jpg | BestC 01.jpg | BestC 02.jpg | BestC 03.jpg | BestC 04.jpg | BestC 05.jpg |
Biltmore National Briar Pipe Co., Jersey City, NJ. Liquidated.
Blackwell Robert Blackwell; Knoxville, TN
Block Pipes Jonathan Block; Fairfield, CT
Bloom Gregg Bloom; Reseda, CA. See GM Pipes.
Blue Ridge Hudson Universal Pipe Co.
Boda Pipes Bob Garret & Don Boggs; Spartanburg, SC
Bohn George Bohn; Las Vegas, NV
Bolas De Fuego ???
Bonaquisti Paul Bonaquisti; Cohoes, NY
Bosi Pipes Kirk Bosi; Manhattan, IL
Boswell Dan Boswell (son of J.M. Boswell)
Boswell J.M. Boswell; Chambersburg, PA.
Braddock Bill Braddock (Art That Smokes); Oklahoma City, OK.
Bradshaw J.H. Bradshaw; Long Beach, CA.
Breezewood ???
Brial Ca. 1970’s; strange system pipe with briar bowls and impressing aluminium tubes.
Brial1.JPG | Brial2.JPG
Briar Art Brian Ruthenberg; Fort Gratiot, MI.
Briar Lee ???
Briar Originals Vic Steinhart; West Caldwell, NJ
Briarcraft Reiss-Premier Co.; New York City
Brick Max Brick; Trenton, NJ
Brissett Mike Brissett; West Allis, WI
Broadcaster Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. for Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA
Broadway Luxus ???
Bruce Peters Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. for Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA
Buckeye Buckeye Pipes are derivated from the production of Chheda Pipes and Shalosky Pipes made by Premal Chheda & Bill Shalosky of Smoker’s Haven; Columbus, OH.
Buckeye 01.jpg | Buckeye 02.jpg | Buckeye 03.jpg | Buckeye 04.jpg |
Burak Edward Burak; New York City. See also Connoisseur.
Burwick ???
Bushee George Bushee; Boston, MA
Butera Mike Butera; Houston, TX
Burns Robert Eugene "Mic" Burns; Long Beach, CA. See Micoli.

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