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Mac Baren Made for Mac Baren Tobacco Co. in Svendborg by Georg Jensen
MacDonald's No details known!
Madison No details known!
Manduela Ms. Manduela Riger-Kusk; Svendborg.
Marc Dane Sub-brand of Søren Eric Andersen; Søndersø.
Mathiasen A pipemaker Mathiasen couldn't be identified yet. So probably a pseudonym???
Mathiasen 2.jpg |
Michael Apitz Brand likely made by Stanwell, mentioned also in connection with Dan Pipe
Micke Jørn Micke (broken pipe); Bornholm.
Milling, Lars Hesselager.
Monte Verdi Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).
MonteVerde 01.jpg | MonteVerde 01a.jpg | MonteVerde 02.jpg |
Mortensen Borge Mortensen; Aabenraa?; Haderslev.
Mr. Andersen
My Own Blend MOB, Inexpensive pipe brand made by Stanwell for tobacco brand owned by Paul Olsen (Danish Pipe Shop)
Muller, P. J.
Natures Bounty "HANDMADE IN DENMARK" - Maker unknown. Private brand of Iwan Ries Co.; Chicago, IL.
Natures-Bounty 3.jpg | Natures-Bounty 3a.jpg |
Navigator Sub-brand / second of Kriswill.
Neerup Peder Christian Jeppesen
Niels Bro Synonym used by Kai Nielsen
Nielsen Bent Nielsen. → Benner.
Bjarne Nielsen (broken pipe); Lyngby. → Bjarne.
Daniela Nielsen. Pipemaker and wife of Hans Jonny Nielsen → Former
Erik Nielsen
Hans Jonny Nielsen; Holme-Olstrup. → Former.
Ivan Holst Nielsen
Jens Tao NielsenTao.
Jørgen Nielsen; Faaborg
Kai Nielsen; Horne / Fyn
Poul Nielsen → founder of Stanwell.
Tonni Nielsen (now United States)
Viggo Nielsen; Faaborg.
Nimbus Joint venture of Tom Eltang & Former Nielsen.
Noltensmeier Ulf Noltensmeier (S. Bang)
Nørding Pipes Erik Nørding; Slangerup.
Nordisk Pibefabriker Was closed down by the end of the 1960's. In 1970 the brand Svendborg was founded there. Svendborg / Fyn.
North Dane Pipes Maker unknown
Norup Made by Lars Christensen; Vig.
Ocaso Second brand produced by Erik Nørding
Odin Need information
Olsen Henrik Olsen; Grevinge (Zealand)
Poul Olsen
Olsen, Ib Ib Olsen
Onwell No details known - pipe also stamped HANDARBEJDE.
Ottendahl Karl Erik Ottendahl (†); → Karl Erik.
Outrup Pibeservice Karl Kristian Olsen; Outrup.
Ove Lindall
P.U.G. "Handmade Denmark" - No details known!
PUJ Need Information
Partner No details known!
Partout No details known!
Peer Import Need Information
Petersen Flemming PetersenFlemming Piber.
Jesper Bo PetersenJesper Pipes. Petersen holds the world record in pipe smoking: 3.15.37 h (1997).
Ph. Vigen Jes Phillip Vigen Gertsen; København.
Pibe-Dan H. Dan-Christensen's famous Copenhagen pipe & tobacco shop which sadly closed in the 1980s. See catalog on Chris' Pipe Pages!
Prince Amled Ca. 1960's. No details known! Logos & markings
PrinceAmled 01.jpg |
Prince Of Wales A "multi-national" brand...
PrinceOfWales 01.jpg | PrinceOfWales 02.jpg |

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