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F-DK.gif Danish Pipe Brands & Makers
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Idskov Piber Carsten Idskov; Århus V
IIS See also Golden Danish, Also known markings are: IS, and IM. Reportedly made by Karl Erik or as seconds from the Preben Holm (†) workshop.
Ilsted Poul Ilsted Bech (broken pipe); Svendborg / Fyn
Ivarsson Lars Ivarsson (broken pipe); Nykøbing
Nanna Ivarsson; København
Sixten Ivarsson (broken pipe); Sweden / Denmark
JD See Jørgen Dam
J.K. Pipes Johan Kock; Ærøskøbing
Jakobsen Flemming Jakobsen
Jarl No details known!
Jen Briar Suggested to be a Subbrand of Georg Jensen
Jens Erik Odense area on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Need Information
Jensen, Heinrich, Leopold see Leopold; Silkeborg, Jutland
Jensen, Bjarne Allen
Jensen company Georg Jensen; Lille Skensved, closed app. 2004
Jensen, K. A.
Jeppesen Peder Christian Jeppesen → Neerup.
Jesper of Denmark Classic modells designed by Jørgen Larsen.
Jesper Pipes Jesper Bo Petersen
JESS By Jess Chonowitsch, with flaws for friends, never sold.
Jobey Dansk Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl. → Jobey.
Johansen, K.
Johansen, Mogens "Johs".
Johs Mogens Johansen; Frederikshavn / Nordjylland.
Jørgen Dam Primarily made pipes for Bjarne. Those he sold under his own brand are marked JD, Denmark
Jørgen L. Brand of handmade pipes by Jørgen Larsen; Almind.
Jørgensen Benni Jørgensen; Præstø. → Benni Pipes.
Hans Aage Jørgensen (HAJ); Juelsminde.
Hendrik JørgensenSvendborg.
Lasse Skovgaard JørgensenSkovgaard
Mat Jorgensen
Wilhelm Bjarne Jørgensen; Lyngby
Jörn see Larsen, Jørn
KAJ Kaj C. Rasmussen; Svendborg / Fyn.
Karl Erik Karl Erik Ottendahl, broken pipe.
Keni, Peter
Kent, John
Kent Pipes Kent Rasmussen; Århus.
KEO Karl Erik Ottendahl for Pipe-Dan.
KET Kim Tams.
King Erik
Kingsway In addition to the name of a Comoy's sub-brand, there is apparently a Danish Made Kingsway (Need Information)
Knudsen Sven Knudsen; Næstved.
Teddy Knudsen
Knud Knudsen
Poul Anton Knudsen
Knute Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl (†)
Kock Johan Kock; Ærøskøbing. → J.K. Pipes.
Koldby Pibermageri Snedsted.
Kolding Made by Bari
Kong Christian Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Kriscon Sub-brand / Second of Kriswill.
Kriswill Mainstay brand of Kriswork Briar Pipe Trading; Kolding. See catalogue on Chris' Pipe Pages!
Kriswork Briar Pipe Trading Co. (Kriswill)
Krone-Larsen Brand produced by W.Ø. Larsen in eight formats with Corsican briar and acrylic stems
KS Piber No details known!
KS Pibe 10.jpg | KS Pibe 01.jpg | KS Pibe 02.jpg | KS Pibe 03.jpg | KS Pibe 04.jpg |
Largo "Made in Denmark" - No details known!
Lars of Denmark No details known!
Larsen Else Larsen
Johann Larsen. Pipemaker and designer; production manager of Stanwell. Uncle of...
Jørgen Larsen; Almind.
Jørn Larsen
Olav (Gaarn) Larsen
Preben Larsen
W.Ø. Larsen
Larsen & Stigart Retail Store.
L-B Pipes Leo Borgart
LEIF No details known. Pipe stamped LEIF Handcut in Denmark
Leopold Heinrich Leopold Jensen; Silkeborg, Jutland
Le Veil No details known!
Lindahl Ove Lindahl
Löfberg Made by Svend Bang himself! → S. Bang
Loran Ib Loran. Sold most of his pipes through the Pibe-Dan shop in Copenhagen.
Tine Loran, daughter of Ib Loran.
Lucky-Star Need Information
Lund Svend A.A. Lund; Outrup.
Lyst System