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Ma Colombe Jean Masson
MAD Former brand of Ganeval et Cie.; Saint-Claude
Maida Vale French Brand - Corsican Briar
Majestic CGF Paris
Ma Jolie see Berrod-Regad
Manzini Former brand of Pierre Manzini Factory
Marcee Now inexpensive GBD brand; previously Marechal Ruchon & Cie. and Oppenheimer Pipe
Marechal Ruchon & Cie. See GBD
Marmet Also called M. Marmet-Regge, also sold the Dr. Geo brand; Saint-Claude
Martel Paul Martel, made Morta Pipes in Herbignac, workshop sold to Sébilo, who then sold it to Trever Talbert, who has sense moved back to the states.
McPhenson's From brand of Pauthier & Vincent
Melan Pipe Melan Pipe - Thierry MELAN
Mercier Private label brand or P. Mercier, Paris.
Mini-Poyat Brand launched in 1988 by Cuty Fort Group, designed by Jean Pierre Vitrac
Monarch Former brand of La Bruyère, also sold by English and North American companies
Monneret Raymond Monneret "Le Monn"; Born 1912 and famous for his sculpted pipes; Saint-Claude
Montillière 19th Century brand in Paris, Metal pipes registered in 1852
Morel Pierre Morel
Mr. Hyde Pipes Handmade Smoking Pipes. Made in France by the hands of a Brazilian.
Myon Brand specialized in watches, lighters, and accessories; pipes made by third parties in Saint-Claude
Nuttens Pipes Bruno Nuttens
Neuve Need information
Nicolas Jean Nicolas
Normandie Former brand of Vuillermoz et Goujon
Noxx-all Saint-Claude, purchased by Jeantet
Nevada ???
Newcastle Once a second of Comoy's, now made by Chacom. Design by Yves Grenard.
Nizzo Brand by Jean Lacroix
Noel Former well known clay pipe artisan; Lyon
Nomy Saint-Claude
Notton et Férand Saint-Claude factory, which closed in the early 20th century
Noymer Leather Clad example, need information
Oceana Former brand of Vuillermoz et Goujon
Odeon Former brand of Joseph Lorge et Cie
Old Pal Made by Marechal Ruchon & Cie.
OSA Former brand of Gros, Grenier, Ostorero et Cie.
Patrician Early 20th century brand of Ruchon & Verguet / Oppenheimer Pipe
Paul Viou Paul Viou is a fictional name. Brand of Genod.
Perrin Pipe Perrin, Saint-Claude - Maker unknown!
Peter Piper Obsolete brand by GBD in Paris
Phonix Former brand of Vuillermonz et Goujon
Piazzolla Pascal Piazzolla
Pierre Cardin "Designer pipes" - the namesake Pierre Cardin is a famous couturier and designer.
Pierre Lamy Brand with free forms and lucite stems
Pieere Piérolat Briar merchant who also made some pipes with the stamp P.P.
Pipe de Roi André Bourgeois
Pipestar Brand of C.J. Verguet Freres, and also by the Swiss firm, Hebor SA
PLM Maker unknown!
Plumb 1920s brand of Ruchen & Verguet; Symbol red spot, with "PLUMB" in white
Popular GBD sub-brand, also Duncan Briars, and the French Company Ropp
Potard Frères 19th century Saint-Claude factory, changed name to Fieux-Leduc & Cie, and later became Gaston Girod & Fils
Poyot Brand designed by Jean Pierre Vitrac for Cuty Fort Group
President Maker unknown!
Prior Sub-brand / Second by GOC; Saint-Claude; Symbol: Prior in gold within an oval

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