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Radford's Pipes Private label pipes made by Chacom for Pöschl Tabak GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Rattray's Pipes Rattray's Original Scotlande made in various and some of the oldest companies (in europe)
Regad Former factory founded in 1875 by Lucien Regad, see Berrod-Regad
Renè Zanda Former Saint-Claude factory, associated with La Glorieuse, Ultimas and Zaza
Reybier Bernard Reybier
Reybier Fères et Fils Early 20th Century Saint-Claude factory, previously Reymodet-Gruet. Made cane and telescopic pipes around 1945.
Rimbaud, Joseph see ROSTIAK
Riseagle 19th century brand from C.J. Verguet Freres. Also brand of W.B. Hass, and Oppenheimer Pipe. Stopped after WW II
Robert's Need information, possibly made by Edward's
Romain Claude Romain
Romulus Former brand produced by Ropp
Ropp Owned by Chacom since 1994
Roppski Brand created in 1910 by Ropp
Roppster Brand created in 1924 by Ropp
Roppstine Brand created in 1924 by Ropp
ROSTIAK Joseph Rimbaud
Royal Ascot ???; Budget pipe
Ruchon & Verguet see Marechal Ruchon & Cie.
Russe Former brand of the Grandclément-Gauteron factory
Ryegate ???; stamped "French Briar - Made In France"
S. Hecht, Sons et Prag Early 20th century Saint-Claude factory with a branch in London
Saint-Claude Was the world capital of briar smoking pipes from the mid 19th century all the way to the mid 20th century.
Saint-Oyant-Burdet 19th Century factory in Saint-Claude incorporating Lucian Regad, later becoming Berrod-Regad
S.T. Dupont de Paris Made by Chacom
Saville Made by Beney, Ltd.
Schmidt Frères 19th century clay pipe maker
Sébilo Patrice Sébilo
Sèvres 18th century porcelain factory
Simon Vuillard & Strauss 20th century Saint-Claude factory later called Vuillard & Strauss
Sina Brand of Sina & Cie; Symbol: SINA in an oval
Sina & Cie late 19th century. In 1906 it merged with C.J. Verguet Freres
Sommer Factory founded by artisan, Jean Sommer; Meershaum and brair pipes
Sporta Brand or Sina & Cie
Steel's Former Anglo-French brand produced by Civic and La Bruyère
Sunrise Comoy's sub-brand / second. Also made by Chapuis-Comoy
Talbert Pipes Trever Talbert (United States, then France, then back to the United States)
Tanneveau 19th century clay pipe factory in Saint-Omer
Teleogene 19th century brand from Hochappfel; pipe de sante
Telmy Saint-Claude brand; Symbol: TY
Terminus Brand by EWA
The Royal Coachman Private label brand of the Tinder Box, USA. Made by Chacom
Tom Thumb Very small - stamped real briar
Topper GBD sub-brand / second
Triomphe French brand and GBD sub-brand / second
Truxiennes 19th Century brand from the Braisaz firm, Lyon
Twenty-One Former Anglo-French brand created in the 1950s by C.J. Verguet Freres and Oppenheimer Pipe

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