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|'''[[EP-Piben (E. Pryds)]]'''
|'''[[EP-Piben (E. Pryds)]]'''
|'''Erik, Jens'''||See '''[[Jens Erik]]'''; Odense area on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Need information.
|'''Eriksen'''||Second brand produced by '''[[Erik Nørding]]'''
|'''Eriksen'''||Second brand produced by '''[[Erik Nørding]]'''
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|'''Gaden Pibemagerie'''||see '''[[Johs]]''': Mogens Johansen; Frederikshavn / Nordjylland
|'''Gaden Pibemagerie'''||see '''[[Johs]]''': Mogens Johansen; Frederikshavn / Nordjylland
|'''[[Garbe]]'''||Ingo Garbe; Isle of Læsø
|'''Garbe'''||[[Ingo Garbe]]; Isle of Læsø
|'''Geertsen, G. A.'''||Possible connection with [[Bari]]?
|'''Geertsen, G. A.'''||Possible connection with [[Bari]]?
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| ||[[Image:glyn_1.jpg|50px]] | [[Image:glyn_2.jpg|50px]]
| ||[[Image:glyn_1.jpg|50px]] | [[Image:glyn_2.jpg|50px]]
|'''[[Golden Danish]]||Marked IS, Likely made by [[Karl Erik]]
|'''[[Gottschling]]'''||Dieter Gottschling; Isle of Læsø
|'''Gottschling'''||[[Dieter Gottschling]]; Isle of Læsø
|'''<font size="4">H</font>'''
|'''<font size="4">H</font>'''

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E. H. Piben
Elborg No details known!
Eltang Tom Eltang (Tom Eltang Jorgensen); Taarbek, Charlottenlund.
EP-Piben (E. Pryds)
Erik, Jens See Jens Erik; Odense area on the island of Fyn in Denmark. Need information.
Eriksen Second brand produced by Erik Nørding
Erikson or maybe Eriksson; Symbol with cursive E
Eroyal Damise
Eton Lopes states it is an English brand of Oppenheimer Pipe using Greek brair; symbol of E
Evident No details known!
Excellent A Bari second
Faaborg Pipe Brand name used by Viggo Nielsen and his sons, Kai Nielsen, and Jørgen Nielsen. Named for their hometown Faaborg / Fyn.
FEA Used by Poul Rasmussen (†) - unconfirmed!
Fireside Need Information
Flemming Piber Flemming Petersen (†); Borris (Skjern) / Midtjylland.
Flott Pipes Freehand manufacture homed in Randers. See brochure on Chris' Pipe Pages!
Forma "Forma Handmade - Made in Denmark". No details known!
Former Hans Jonny Nielsen; Holme-Olstrup.
Frasorteret Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).
Frasorteret 05.jpg | Frasorteret 03x.jpg
Fred Brandt Fred Brandt, son of Hans Brandt; Copenhagen
Frederiksen Nils Frederiksen
Gaden Pibemagerie see Johs: Mogens Johansen; Frederikshavn / Nordjylland
Garbe Ingo Garbe; Isle of Læsø
Geertsen, G. A. Possible connection with Bari?
Gertsen Jes Phillip Vigen Gertsen; København, Bronshoj, Helsingor. → Ph. Vigen
Glyn Also reclaimed for US. No details known!
Glyn 1.jpg | Glyn 2.jpg
Golden Danish Marked IS, Likely made by Karl Erik
Gottschling Dieter Gottschling; Isle of Læsø
H.C. Andersen Special Stanwell series dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen
HAJ Hans Aage Jørgensen
Half Town (Nording)
Hamlet Pipe Factory
Handicraft of Copenhagen Private label brand made for Copenhagen tobacconist Remo Sørensen who bought pipes (mainly) from W.Ø. Larsen and Pibe-Dan.
Hangaard, Svend see Svend Hangaard; Faaborg
Hansen Briar - see Poul Hansen
Borge Hansen
Hartman Hansen
Jan Hansen - pseudonym used by Hendrik JørgensenSvendborg.
Kurt Balleby Hansen; Almind. → Balleby Pipes.
Kurt Hansen - part-time experienced pipemaker. Works with/for Tom Eltang on the "Sara Eltang" line.
Per Hansen; København. → S. Bang
Poul Hansen; København.
Harcourt Preben Holm (†), later Erik Nørding for Dunhill.
Harcourt 10.jpg | Harcourt 14.jpg
Klaus Hartmann
Hans Hartmann
Hasan Gezer German artisan who works for Dan Pipe
Hedegaard Peter Hedegaard (broken pipe); Helsingør.
Heding Peter Heding; Charlottenlund / Sjælland.
Heeschen Peter Heeschen; Holmstrup.
Hemmingsen, Kaj ("KAJ"?)
Henley Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Henley Special
Hetler Hans Hetler (broken pipe)
Kjolner Hetler (Pibehuset)
Torben Hetler
Hindsgavl, Niels
Hjerte-Brier Copenhagen
Hofmann, Johannes Teacher and amateur pipemaker
Holbek Gert Holbek; København
Holger Danske Tobacco brand named for the hero of Danish folk legends - maker unknown!
Holger (Pipe-Dan)
Holm Ole Holm (broken pipe); København
Preben Holm (broken pipe); København
Holmgaard Jens Holmgaard (broken pipe); København
Holtorp P. Holtorp; København

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