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Talbert Pipes Trever Talbert (Returning from France to the USA);
Taglia & Lana Brand sold by Wally Frank, but made in Italy by Tagliabue & Lana
Tapia William Tapia; Monrovia, CA
Tatum's Workshop Paul Tatum; Alabama
Tavern Pipes Ceramic pipes from Williamsburg Pottery
TC Fuller Pipes Tim C. Fuller; ?, ID.
Teipen Handmade Briar Pipes Wayne Teipen; Cloverdale, IN
The Briar Workshop Jorg Jemelka and Elliott Nachwalter; VT.
BriarWorkshop 06.jpg | BriarWorkshop 07.jpg |
The Doodler Created by Tracy Mincer; later National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
The Lyon Pipe Charles H. Lyon († 1947), inventor, later partner Gen. Charles G. Dawes († 1951). Chicago, Illinois
The Pipe Made by Super-Temp, who also made Venturi and The Smoke; Pyrolytic graphite bowls in colorful plastic
The Smoke Made by Super-Temp, who also made Venturi and The Pipe; Pyrolytic graphite bowls in colorful plastic
The Smoker Private label brand. Mel Feldman; Albany, NY. Made by Savinelli?
Thile Scott E. Thile; Murray, KY. → S.E. Thile Pipes.
Thomas Steve Thomas
Thompson, Jason See Norman Anchor Thompson, Sr; Parkville, MD
Thompson, Norm Norman Anchor Thompson, Sr (Norm Thompson); Portland, OR
Thoro-Kleen Thoro-Kleen; New York City
Thorpe Timothy (Tim) W. Thorpe; Sewell, NJ
Threeton Robert Threeton; ?, New Hampshire
Three Squires North American brand made by Comoy's
Tiner Tiner; San Diego, CA.
Tinder Box
Tinsky Glenn Tinsky; Chicago, IL.
Tinsky Mark Tinsky; Wolf Creek MT. → American Smoking Pipe Co..
TM Pipes Thomas Martin; Beverly, MA
Tobak Mel Baker, Tobak Ltd., Virginia Beach, VA. → Kabik
Tobey Hilman Tobey, maker of Native American Medicine Pipes; Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, NV
Tom Pipecarver & Son Tom Arcoleo; Princeton, NJ.
Tony's Pipe Towne ???
TotemStar Gunnar Weber-Prada; Los Angeles, CA.
Trail Blazer ???
Trapwell Trapwell - Pat. No. 2.232.159... "World’s Best Briar"
Tredway Bob Tredway; Coeur d' Alene, ID
Trey Rice Pipes Trey Rice; Fort Worth, Tx
TRG Handcrafted Pipes Tim George; Waxahachie, TX ...
Trent Philip Trent; South Bend, Indiana
Tria Pipes ???
Trump Trump Custom Handmade
Tsalagi Pipes American made pipes, with a Native American heritage. Ozark County, MO
Tuerk Victor Tuerk; New York City, later California
Tulsa The late, Charles Tulsa, of Florida; his brand was called Old Reliable
Turbo Flo
Turner Pipes Simeon Turner; Denver, CO.
Tybush "Frank Tybush hand crafts these pipes in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These local creations are beautiful and lightweight."
Tyler Lane Pipes Tyler Lane Beard; Edmond, OK.
Ubben Randolph Ubben; New Milford, CT. → R. Ubben Pipes.
Uhle's Uhle's Pipe Shop; Milwaukee, WI
Uncle Sam US Brand made in Italy, which also made corncobs.
Union Pipe Co. ???
University Brand distributed by; also a Comoy's series
Urquiza Juan Pablo Urquiza
Vacher Robert Vacher; Litchfield, CA. → Laughingmoon Pipes.
Vajra Vajra Briar Works; made by Michael V. Kabik and Glen Hedelson. → Kabik.
Van Varick Al Van Varick
VanRoy VanRoy - Choice Imported Briar
Vardry Pipes Patrick Vardry ?; upstate South Carolina
Veeja A New York State hand-carved pipe
Venturi Pyrolytic graphite bowls in colorful plastic; Made by Super-Temp who also made The Pipe, and The Smoke
Very Unique Pipes
Vickers M.O. Vickers (ret./† ?); Knoxville, TN
Victory Pipe Craftsmen Cellini; Chicago, IL
Viking Pipes Brand by Ed Gjertsen, also others using this name include Bjarne, Bari, Chacom, Savinelli, Stanwell, and others
Viscount Brand of M. Linkman & Co., also used by Dr. Grabow, Sasieni, and Ropp
von Erck Lee von Erck; Negaunee, MI
Vottis Pat M. Vottis
Vox Pop Henry Leonard & Thomas Inc. for Penn Tobacco Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA
VT Freehand Steven Norse; Dorset, VT. → Norse.

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