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F-US.gif American Pipe Brands & Makers
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Nachwalter Elliott Nachwalter; Manchester, VT
Nash, Tom Connection with Malaga, Briarworks; Madison Hts., MI
Nate King Indianapolis, IN
National Briar Pipe Co. Jersey City, NJ.
Nat Sherman Brand made for well known New York City tobacconist of the same name.
Natural World Brand of Frank Augsburger (†); Champain, IL
Natures Bounty "HANDMADE IN DENMARK" - Maker unknown. Private brand of Iwan Ries Co.; Chicago, IL.
Natures-Bounty 3.jpg | Natures-Bounty 3a.jpg |
Neeb Dave Neeb; Elm Grove, WI; Hand Made Pipes at 'MKELAW-PIPES.COM'
Needham ? Needham; Alhambra, CA
Negoita Rolando Negoita (ex Romania);
Nelson, Joe see Old Nellie Pipes: Fond du Lac County, WI
New England Briar Pipe Co. Subsidiary of Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy. In March 1955, it was bought by S.M. Frank
New Jersey Briar Pipe Co. See S.M. Frank.
Nielsen Tonni Nielsen (ex Denmark); Louisville, KY
Norse Steven Norse; Dorset, VT.
Norwalk Pipe Co. Norwalk Pipe Co.; New York City
Norwood Floyd Norwood; Clifton, TN
NOS Whitehall Garrison, "Imported Briar". Ca. 1950.
NPW Brand of Metropolitan Tobacco Co.; Stamp: NPW in a circle
N.W.R. Pipes Los Alamos, NM Brand of pipe maker Nathan Rimkus
O-Johnny The pipe that's different...
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Ogura Andrew Ogura (†); ?, HI
Okie Pipes Ralph T. Gibson (RTG); Newalla, OK.
Old Nellie Pipes Joe Nelson; Fond du Lac County, WI
Old West Briar Tim West; Columbus, OH
Old Reliable Brand by Charles Tulsa, Florida
Old Salem Collection The Pipe and Pint; Greensboro, NC
Orton Brian Orton; Grants Pass, OR
OWL Brand by Comoy's; Also OWL Club, and OWL Shop, which were North American brands
Owl Shop John Photakis (†); Worcester, MA
Owl Pipes Steve LaVoice Jr (†); Springfield, MA
Ozark Mountain Briars David Johnson; ?, AR.
Paine, Dr. Harry See MelloPure
Pamplin Pamplin Pipe Factory, Large maker of clay pipes, circa 1740-1950; Appomattox County VA
Parfumi Scott Parfumi (ret./† ?); New York City. See also JHW Pipes.
Park Lane Brand sold in England and USA by Lichtenstadts Ltd. and L&H Stern
Passante Anthony Passante (†) d.1994 (Kaywoodie, Weber Pipe Co., Connoisseur; New York City
Patrick, Jason See Jason Patrick, Elgin, IL
Patterson James Patterson
Peeples Mark Peeples; Alice, TX
Pedalite ???
Peevey Greg Peevey (ret./† ?); Nasville, TN
Pellegrini Ron Pellegrini; Staten Island, NY. Mentioned in context with a brand named Sovereign.
Penguin Briar Kim Kendall; Phoenix, AZ
Percolator Need Information
Peretti Robert Peretti (L.J. Peretti Co.); Boston, MA.
Perkowski Al Perkowski; Sterling Heights, MI; See Creative Briar Pipes
Perkins Robert M. Perkins; Houston, TX. See R.M. Perkins Pipes.
Perri Paul L. Perri & Son; Manhattan Beach, CA
Perry Jerry Perry (ret./† ?); Colfax, NC
Perry White Pipes Bob Swanson; Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Pesante Tony Pesante (†); ?, NJ
Peterson Dennis H. Peterson; Bloomfield, IO
PFL Brand of the former Pipesforless, made be diverse makers, mainly Savinelli
Phoenix Pipes Jason Watkins-Brock; Phoenix, AZ
Photakis John Photakis (†); Worcester, MA. See Owl Shop.
Piedmont Briars Mark Spell
Piersel Pipes Scottie Piersel; Kansas City, MO
Pipelane Ltd Stores in Washington (Seattle and Bellevue), with branded pipes made by Savinelli and others.
Pipe Pub Private label brand? Pipe Pub; New Rochelle, NY
Pipes by Andre' Antony Andre´ Pipes; White House,TN
Pipes by CAL Craig A. Loscalzo; Lexington, KY. See Loscalzo Pipes.
PipesMD Pipes Charles Sharp
Pipeworks at Wilke Elliott Nachwalter. Formerly Wilke Pipe Shop; New York City.
Pipesworld Brand of internet shop of the same name, produced in Italy
Poggenpoh See Rex Poggenpohl, amateur pipe maker, collector, and pipe smith
Pohlmann Pipes Brad Pohlmann; Jacksonville, OR
Polidori Primo Polidori (Victory Pipe Craftsmen; Chicago, IL). See Cellini
Poplar Ridge Pipes Second brand of John H. Eells; Richmond, VA
Powell ? Powell (ret./† ?)
Premier Premier; Chicago, IL
Prevost Pipes Pete Prevost; Nashville, TN
Price, Mark Mark Price, Springfield, MO
Price PipeCraft Vincent E. Price (ret./† ?); Elkins, WV
Prohibition Pipes Jonathan Lavezzo; Charlottesville, VA
Protter Ben Protter (ret./† ?); ?, NY.
Purdy Will Purdy
Pyro-Bol Frank Furedy, Chicago, Illinois
Quagliata Ryan Quagliata; ?, TX. See R. Quagliata Pipes.
Quinn Pipes Bryan Quinn
Quinton Wells Overland Park, KS