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F-US.gif American Pipe Brands & Makers
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Ideal Mfg. Ideal Mfg.; Bellefonte, PA
Imperati ???
IRC Iwan Ries & Co.; Chicago, IL. Private label pipes by various makers.
Irish Briar Pipeworks Charles Gillispie, Ironwood, Michigan.
Irrera Leo Irrera; New York City
Iwan Ries & Co. IRC Tobacco (Stanley Levi); Tobacconist, Chicago, IL
J&J Pipes Jared Coles and John Klose; Fresno, CA. As of January 2016 Jarad and John are making pipes separately
J. Alan Pipes Jeffrey Allen Gracik; San Diego, CA.
J.B. Russell American Pipe Distribution company
J. Arthur Pipes J. Arthur
J. Davis Pipes Jody Davis; Yuma, AZ.
J. Mouton Pipes J. Mouton; Gueydan, Louisiana
J. Rinaldi Pipes Jon Rinaldi; Sonoita, AZ
JD End of 19th Century brand of Joseph B. Desjardins; Fort River, Massachusetts
JP Jason Patrick, Elgin, IL
J.S. Gold Brand of Uhle's Tobacconist
Jack's Handmade Pipes Jack Hamburg Jr.; Joliet, IL
Jacobson-Hardy Michael Jacobson-Hardy; Bennington, NH
Jandrew J. Andrew Kovacs; Milwaukee, WI
Jasper Co. 104 W. 47th Street, NYC
Jelling ? Jelling; Newark, NJ
Jemelka Jorg Jemelka (The Briar Workshop; VT)
JHW Pipes Jack H. Weinberger ; West Caldwell, NJ.
Jigg's Brand of L & H Stern, see LHS
Jobey Various makers!
John Crouch Tobacconist in Alexandria, VA, that also had pipes made under their name
John Hudson Moore Inc. American firm, which apparently distributed Sasieni seconds, including Berkeley Club, Fantail, Old England, and Windsor
John Middleton Inexpensive pipes with Symbol: JH, produced for John Middleton Inc., the Philadelphia firm selling Prince Albert Tobacco
John's Pipe Shop Was in Hollywood and Los Angles, Calif. before zip codes
John Sterling Brand made by various companies for F&K Cigar Co. Symbol: JS
John Surrey Brand of John Surrey Ltd.
Johnson David Johnson; ?, AK. See Ozark Mountain Briars.
Lannes Johnson Texarcana, TX
Richard C. Johnson Carlisle, PA
Stephen Johnson Los Angeles, CA. See Alpine Briars.
Steven Johnson Emmaus, PA
Johnson, Thomas see Luna Pipes
Todd Johnson Nashville, TN
Tom Johnson Bothell (Seattle), WA. See Luna Pipes
David Jones Texarkana, TX.
Jesse Jones Canyon, Texas
Joseph Murray Brand and shop in New York
Jorgenson Yern "Bo" Jorgenson; Wayne, PA.
Jost Jost; St. Louis, MO. See Bill Collins
Jost's Brand of Jost's tobacconist. Pipes made mainly by Comoy's. Symbol: white J in a circle
Joyce C. Kent Joyce; OK
JS Pipes Joel Shapiro; Rancho Cordova, CA.
Judd's Own Brand of Tobacco Road stores in MN., owned by Judd Taggatz; Pipes were made by Savinelli and Sasieni
Jurkiewicz Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz; Milwaukee, WI. See E. Andrew Briars.
K.B. Pipes Keene Bridgeman, (commissioned pipes and accessories); Laguna Niguel, CA
Kabik Michael V. Kabik; retired from pipemaking; MD, VA.
Brands: CHP-X, Gran Hill, M. Kabik, Sven-Lar, Tobak, Vajra, Wenhall.
F.J. Kaldenberg Company Kaldenberg & Son's, F.W. Kaldenberg, Manufacturers of Fine Meerschaum and Briar Pipes. NYC Firm, Circa 1850 - 1900.
Kalden.jpg |
Kalnitz, Brian Brian Kalnitz; Buffalo, NY
Kalnitz, Milton Milton Brian Kalnitz; Buffalo, NY. See also Bellezia.
Kantuk Greg Kantuk; Madison, WI
Kaufman Mitch Kaufman. A marginal figure of US pipe history. Though interesting. See Vic Steinhart!
Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy KB&B / KBB; New York City.
Kayne Donald Kayne; Huntington, NY. Also See Germaine.
Kayne 01.jpg |
Kaywoodie Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy; currently made by S.M. Frank.
Keedy Michael Keedy; CA, AL
KEN "Ken pat."; Chicago, Il
Ken's Wooden Wonders Ken & Karen Sturgill, Dayton, OH
Kendall Kim Kendall; Phoenix, AZ. See Penguin Briar
Kerfoot Glenn Kerfoot
Kernel, Dr. Jos. E. (Pat. 2614568); ?
Kevin Arthur Pipes Kevin Arthur Skraboly; Aurora, IL.
Keyer See Keyer's Pipe Shop; Cincinnati, OH
Kiess Pipes Dr. Bob Pipes, Dr. Robert C. Kiess; ?, VT
King Eric National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
King, Nate see Nate King; Indianapolis, IN
Kirsten Pipe Company Metal Pipes; Seattle, WA
KJ Pipes Kadesh J. Swanson; Washington State
Kleenest National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
Klein, Scott Scottspipes; Elk Grove Village, IL
Klodt Eric Klodt; Atlanta area, GA
Klose, John John Klose, see J&J Pipes; Fresno, CA
Knickerbocker Pipe Co. Brooklyn, NY
Knight's Briar Pipes Rick Knight; Monongahela, PA
Kool-Smok Knickerbocker Pipe Co.; Brooklyn, NY
Koplan Ed Koplan, see Ed's Hand Made; Santa Monica, CA
Kovacs J. Andrew Kovacs; Milwaukee, WI. See Jandrew
Kowal Jeff Kowal; Beaver Falls, PA
Krempp Randy Krempp, maker who also does repair work; Waco, TX
Krisor Gilbert Henry Krisor, Cameron Park, California (deceased, 1984)
Krisor George Krisor, carver from the West
Krona Brand by Arlington Briar Pipes Corp.
Kubik Jim Kubik; Middleburg Heights, OH
Kuehl Alan Kuehl; Grayson, GA
Kutschira Former North American artisan
Kuziel Pipes Paul Kuziel; East Haven, CO
KW Pipes Kirk Walden.