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It would be great to see an overview and history of Danish pipe making here on this page. For now we highly recommend the following article by Jakob Groth.

Please feel free to edit this page if you'd like to contribute. Pipe makers in red still need bios (just click on them and add any information you have), and the others linked in blue could be expanded on. Feel free to add other pipe makers you've a particular interest in or knowledge of. Please let me know if you need any help managing the wiki:

Pipe maker articles coming soon. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Scandinavian pipe makers. We highly recommend

Danish pipe makers (alphabetical by last name)

AB: Kurt Balleby of Balleby Pipes | S. Bang (see also Per Hansen and Ulf Noltensmeier) | Knud Bech | Leo Børgart

C-G: Jess Chonowitsch | Tom Eltang | Former (see also Hans Nielsen) | Ingo Garbe

H: Per Hansen (see also S. Bang) | Hans Hartmann | Peter Heding | Peter Heeschen | Gert Holbek | Poul Ilsted

IJ: Lars Ivarsson | Nanna Ivarsson | Peder Jeppesen | Johs | Benni Jørgensen | Anne Julie

KL:Teddy Knudsen| Johan Kock | Jørgen Larsen | Jørn Larsen

M: Manduela | Jørn Micke

N: Bjarne Nielsen | Erik Nielsen | Hans Nielsen (see also Former) | Ivan Holst Nielsen | Jørgen Nielsen | Kai Nielsen | Tonni Nielsen (Denmark/United States) | Viggo Nielsen | Ulf Noltensmeier (see also S. Bang)

O-S: Kent Rasmussen | Søren Refbjerg | Dura Semjaniv | Lasse Skovgaard | Kjeld Sorensen | Stanwell

T-Z: Svendborg Tao | Helmer Thomsen | Bjorn Thurmann | Arne Urup | Ph. Vigen | Poul Winslow