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F-US.gif American Pipe Brands & Makers
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E. Andrew Briars Edward Andrew Jurkiewicz; Milwaukee, WI.
E. Oslo Robert Eugene "Mic" Burns (ret.), Long Beach, CA. Micoli.
Easom, Cody see Moon Valley Pipe Works; Boise Idaho
Eastman Pipe Metal System Pipe by Eastman Scientific; Chicago IL
Ed's Hand Made Ed Kolpin (founder of the Tinder Box) Santa Monica, CA.
E.James Ed James aka "OzarkSouthpaw"; Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Edward's Edward's Pipe Shops, various makers.
Eells John H. Eells; Richmond, VA.
Ehrlich's Ehrlich's; Boston, MA. See also George Bushee.
Ellis Jim Ellis, amateur pipe maker
Ensslen Bob Ensslen; Cresco, PA
Elliott Pipes Skip Elliott (The Briary); Homewood, AL.
Ellison Dick Ellison; ?, CO. See also Edward's.
Emperor Continental Briar Pipe Co.; New York City.
Emperor Napolean brand produced by L&H Stern see LHS
Eppers Pipes Sean Eppers; Austin, TX.
Erickson Ken Erickson; Sunland, CA.
Evan Handmade Briars Mark „Evan“ Schloemer; Rozel, KS.
Fader Private label pipes for Fader's Tobacco shop; Baltimore, MD. Partially made by Shalom Pipe Factory.
Fairchild Don Fairchild; Bellaire, TX.
Fairchild Ron Fairchild; Houston, TX.
Falcon Chicago USA until 1936-1968); UK production started in 1969
Fat Bastard Pipes Alex Sorensen; Temecula, CA., and Denmark
Fauscette Michael Fauscette; Discovery Bay, CA. See Delta Pipes.
Feinstein Bill Feinstein (†)
Ferdinand Feuerbach
Fillenwarth Pipes Tony Fillenwarth; Mazon, IL.
Filto Metal pipe; Burgaw, NC
Finsbury Brand of Finsbury Products; New York. Former brand of Oppenheimer Pipe
Firethorn Brand of Arlington. Some of these pipes were stamped Italy
Fischer House of Fischer; New York City.
Fisher Paul Fisher, Austrian Meerschaum artisan who settled in Manhattan, NYC, NY
Fletcher's Cullen Fletcher; Chicago, IL.
FloggleWerks James Millar; Simple pipes made from indigenous woods
Flori Robert Flori (R.Flori), started making pipes around 2004
Florov Pipes Alex Florov (ex Russia); Round Lake, IL.
Ford Bud Ford; Sacramento, CA, retired 1982
Fordham, John See Guild Pipes; Melbourne, FL
Forecaster National Briar Pipe Co.; Jersey City, NJ.
Fortnums Winward ???
Foster Handmade Kevin Foster; Atlanta, GA
Frank brand of S.M. Frank & Co. Inc.; Peekskill, NY.
Frank Wally Frank; New York City,
Frederick G Pipes Frederick Garlinghouse (†); Carthage, TN.
Freedom Smoking Pipe Adam Hirshan; Intervale, NJ.
Freeman Terry Freeman, amateur artisan
French Briar Horn ???
Frey Michael J. Frey; Lockport, NY.
Friebe Herbert Friebe; Southfield, MI.
Friedman Richard Friedman; Bellingham, WA.
Fuerst Bill Fuerst
Fuhr Don Fuhr
Fuller Tim C. Fuller; ?, ID. See TC Fuller Pipes.