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F-DK.gif Danish Pipe Brands & Makers
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R.V.W. Also "RVW". Reiner van Wandeir; København.
Rafn Peter Rafn
Rasmussen Anne Julie Rasmussen; Læsø. → Anne Julie.
Benny Rasmussen, son of Anne Julie.
John E. Rasmussen (†).
Kaj C. Rasmussen (KAJ); Svendborg / Fyn
Kent Rasmussen; Århus. → Kent Pipes.
Peter Rasmussen. The name is fictional! Pipes made by Leo Børgart.
Poul Rasmussen (†); København.
Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen; Søborg. → Refbjerg.
Red Hat Pipes Kjeld Sørensen; Roskilde.
Reddish Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Refbjerg Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen; Søborg.
Royal Copenhagen The Danish Royal Porcelain Factory also made pipes in the 1970s and 80s.
Royal Danish Second by Stanwell
Royal Guard Second by Stanwell
Royal Sovereign Second by Stanwell; also used by Orlik
Rungstedt Sub-brand by Preben Holm. Series: Mariner, Norseman, Seafarer
S. Bang Per Hansen & Ulf Noltensmeier; København.
Saga No details known! Made in Kolding.
Sailor Second by Stanwell; discontinued.
Salvarella Probably confused with the Spanish brand Salvatella in Girona (founded in 1883, closed in 2001)
Sara Pipes Named for Sara Eltang, Tom and Pia Eltang's daughter. Charlottenlund.
Saugsted Need Information
Scandia Second by Stanwell.
Sean David ??
Shelburne Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl.
SI No details known.
Sir Wilkens "MADE IN DENMARK - OLD BRIAR" - No details known!
SK Piber Sven Kristen
Skovbo Piber Jan Skovbo; Rødvig.
Skovgaard Lasse Skovgaard Jørgensen; Præstø.
Soborg Need Information, Conceivably a derivate of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen; Søborg.
SON Skovbo on Nørding → Erik Nørding
Søren Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen; Søborg. → Refbjerg.
Sørensen Kjeld Sørensen; Roskilde. → Red Hat Pipes.
Sørensen Presumably a private label brand made for Copenhagen tobacconist Remo Sørensen who bought pipes (mainly) from W.Ø. Larsen and Pibe-Dan
Sorn Presumeably a second by Stanwell.
Soverain Stanwell sub-brand
ST No details known!
Stanwell Stanwell A/S; Borup.
Starline Produced by Georg Jensen
Stern Inexpensive Danish brand
Stokkebye Peter Stokkebye (broken pipe); København.
Suhr's Pibemageri Teofil Suhr (broken pipe); København.
Sven Egholm Name is fictional! Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl (†).
Svend Hangaard Faaborg
Svendborg Svendborg Piber
Svendson Second by Stanwell
Tabago Click on the link to the article on the left!
Tabu Appr. made in the 1960's. No further details known!
Tao Jens Tao Nielsen
Tarp Karsten Tarp; Kolding.
Teddy Briar Pipes Teddy Knudsen; Århus C.
Thayne Made by Mogens Jørgensen, who also made Jarl pipes.
Thomsen Helmer Thomsen; Vejen. → Bari.
Thorhauer M. Thorhauer
Thurmann Piber Bjørn Thurmann; Copenhagen and later Svaneke.
Torben Dansk Dan Pipe brand.